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Edgar Frolov
Edgar Frolov

New Super Mario Bros 23ds

Not to criticize or anything(i love mario anyways), but seriously, why the heck are they releasing four mario games all around the same time? New super mario bros u, new super mario bros 2, paper mario, and luigi's mansion. I mean some people don't count lugi's mansion as part of the series but three is a lot still. I think they should have just put the elements of this game into the wii u game and had either luigi's mansion or paper mario or both on 3ds. I still will buy one of the four that are coming out though cause i love this series! Just wondering why they're making poor people like me have to choose between these! Too many good titles!

New Super Mario Bros 23ds


I got the twitch pack, but only for the challenging levels. As sonone who loved the couple levels in super mario world on snes star world that were extremely challenging, I love these levels. My one complain is that I cannot practice the levels on their own, I have only played the second level like 15 times and haven't seen the 3rd yet. I've only played for an hour, but I wish I could skip to level 2 or 3 of the pack just to practice them


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