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Buy 8 Ply Mat Board

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Which is why we wrote this guide. This guide will teach you the terminology and 3 things you need look for so you can buy mat boards with confidence and cut out a little piece of heaven for your photograph or artwork.

Mat burn is irreversible damage on your artwork that is caused by acid leaked by the mat board. Mat burn can take years to develop (depending on humidity and exposure to sun light), but it is quite an unpleasant surprise. Imagine looking up one day to find your favorite piece vandalized by a hazy brown border and there is nothing you can do about it.

Mat burn is caused when a compound in the mat board called lignin degrades. When lignin degrades, it releases acids that will lead to discoloration and fading of the mat board, compromise the structural integrity of both the mat board and piece, and given enough time, mat burn.

Virtually all mat boards today are acid-free. That is not to mean they are all lignin-free. Mat boards are deemed acid-free when the mat boards have been bathed in calcium carbonate neutralizing the acid on the mat board. This treatment slows the degradation of the lignin greatly and it will take years or even decades depending on the environment before any noticeable degradation happens. This is by far the most cost-friendly option.

Conservation mat boards are the highest grade paper mat boards. Constructed of alpha cellulose, the wood fibers in these mat boards have been treated and stripped of all acids and are lignin-free. However, depending on the manufacturer, conservation mat boards may or may not contain chemical impurities.

Museum mat boards are made of 100% cotton. Cotton, unlike wood, contains no lignin at all. Combined with archival framing methods, your artwork will be preserved for hundreds of years. This is the option museums and collectors choose when framing photographs and artwork and is the most expensive option.

The core of the mat board is what is visible when the mat board is cut. Because mat boards are cut with a bevel cut (a 45 degree cut), the core serves as a second border to your photograph or artwork.

The third thing you should be conscious of when choosing your mat board is the thickness of your mat board. Because the mat board also functions as a border to your photograph/artwork, a thicker mat board will have a visible impact on the finished aesthetic.

Logan's popular compact mat cutter models 301 and 301S have gotten an upgrade! The new 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter is the perfect accessory for any home frame shop, and with the new extended 32" capacity, it can hold entire sheets of standard size 32 x 40" mat board! With a sturdy particle board base and Logan's high quality engineering, this superb cutter is sure to last. Equipped with a removable 20" measuring bar and a squaring bar to hold boards at a 90 angle for straight cutting, as well as 2 guiderail stops for production work, the Compact Elite is a veritable mat master and is ideal for both amateur and experienced framers alike. In addition to the cutter itself, the Compact Elite comes with Logan's 701-1 adjustable depth pivoting Straight Cutter Elite, and a five pack of Logan #270 replacement blades. Everything you need to create professional quality mats quickly and easily is available in this fantastic upgraded Compact Elite Mat Cutter from Logan!

An economical, all purpose, 40 in. (101cm) mat cutting system capable of cutting full 32 in. x 40 in. (81.3cm x 101.6cm) sheet of matboard. Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths up to 4 1/4 in. (10.8cm), 90 degree squaring bar for true corners, straight cutting head, and bevel cutting head. Includes creative matting instructions and five extra blades. Contains a tan baseboard surface, more comfortable aluminum guide rail, improved squaring bar for true corners,scaled production stop, quick release mat guide knobs, built-in carry handle in box. Bevel Cutting Head has start and stop indicator, high performance pivot-and-pull blade action,


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