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Nani Bai Ko Mayro Pdf 77


Nani Bai Ko Mayro Pdf 77

Nani Bai Ko Mayro: A Rajasthani Devotional Film Based on the Life of Narsi Mehta and His Daughter

Nani Bai Ko Mayro is a Rajasthani devotional film that depicts the life and bhakti of Narsi Mehta, a 15th-century poet-saint from Gujarat, and his daughter Nani Bai, who was also a devotee of Lord Krishna. The film was released in 2009 and directed by Rajesh Gohil. It stars Hemant Choudhary as Narsi Mehta, Anjana Mumtaz as his wife Sadhna, and Neha Shree as Nani Bai.

The film narrates the story of how Narsi Mehta, who was born in a Brahmin family in Junagadh, lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his elder brother. He developed a deep love for Krishna and used to sing bhajans in his praise. He also served the sadhus and saints who visited his town. He married Sadhna, who supported his devotion, but faced opposition from his brother's wife, who taunted him for being poor and useless. One day, he left his home and went to a forest, where he met Lord Shiva, who took him to Goloka, the abode of Krishna. There he witnessed the divine dance of Krishna with the gopis and was enchanted by it. Krishna blessed him and asked him to spread his love and glory in the world.

Narsi Mehta returned to his town and started singing Krishna's praises everywhere. He also composed many poems and songs in Gujarati that are considered as gems of devotional literature. He had a daughter named Nani Bai, who inherited his devotion and also sang bhajans with him. She was married to a rich merchant's son, who did not appreciate her spiritual inclination and tried to stop her from worshipping Krishna. He also ill-treated her and accused her of being unfaithful. Nani Bai suffered a lot but never gave up her faith. She prayed to Krishna to help her and prove her innocence.

One day, her husband asked her to bring a hundred gold coins from her father as dowry. Nani Bai went to her father's house and asked him for the money. Narsi Mehta did not have any wealth but he wrote a letter to Krishna, asking him to pay the amount on his behalf. He gave the letter to Nani Bai and told her to give it to any merchant in Dwarka, the city of Krishna. Nani Bai trusted her father and went to Dwarka with the letter. There she met a merchant named Dhanji Bhai, who was a devotee of Krishna. He recognized the letter as a divine message and gave Nani Bai a hundred gold coins without any hesitation. He also invited her to stay at his house for some time.

Meanwhile, Nani Bai's husband heard a rumor that she had eloped with another man. He became furious and decided to divorce her. He also sent some men to kill Nani Bai on her way back. However, Krishna intervened and saved Nani Bai from the attackers. He also appeared in front of her husband and rebuked him for his cruelty and ignorance. He revealed that Nani Bai was his true devotee and that he himself had paid the dowry for her. He also showed him the miracles that Nani Bai had performed with his grace, such as curing a leper, feeding a hungry crowd, and reviving a dead child.

Nani Bai's husband realized his mistake and begged for forgiveness. He also accepted Nani Bai as his wife and became a devotee of Krishna himself. Nani Bai returned to her home with joy and gratitude. She continued to sing Krishna's praises with her father until they both left their bodies and merged with him.

Nani Bai Ko Mayro is a film that celebrates the power of bhakti and the grace of Krishna. It also showcases the rich culture and heritage of Gujarat and Rajasthan through its music, costumes, and locations. The film is available online in various formats, such as DVD, VCD, MP3, MP4, etc. One can also download a PDF version of the film script from this link: 248dff8e21


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