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We Are Little Stars Dominique 1

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We Are Little Stars Dominique 1

Quinn Marcus:Lighthearted and quirky is an interesting ... Okay. Um, lighthearted and quirky, I'm Dominique Bana's little bitch (laughing). But, um, serious, I'm a, like a, a show host, talk show host, interviewer, and a writer and a performer.

Quinn Marcus:Mm-hmm. Um, where it will live is, um, HBO, knock on wood, um, (laughs). And then if that, if it doesn't go to HBO, then let's say Netflix. We'll just say all the networks and then you edit the one in that it goes to Showtime, Comedy Central, HBO, Paramount+, Hulu, um, YouTube, uh, the Taxicab, the Gas Station TV, Literally we're looking for anything (laughs).Um, yeah, so I actually been like, you know, doing talk shows ever since Emerson days, uh, with MTV and then making pilots for Comedy Central and Pop and ABC Digital. And so I've been pitching talk shows my whole time in LA and I, I was really focused on like celebrity driven, um, talk shows. And then I just, uh, turned 30 and I was like, "Oh, what do I really want to put out in the world" And so I actually connected with my friend, our friend, uh, Figs, Matt Figler from Emerson as well.And I contacted him and I was like, I loved working with him on a couple short films he was a DPO, and I was like, "Dude, let's just like make something," 'Cause you know, when you go out to LA you, I mean for me, I lost my less little, my soul and-

And so this project was like, I had to do a lot of the hands on producing that I never had to do before. And at the beginning I was like a little bougie about it. Like, I was like, "Hmm, interesting, I'm having to do this." But actually the in product is so much better because it has my fingerprints on it from the beginning, you know So I, I actually learn that, I think it's important if you're hosting a show to be there the whole time, which again is why I think this one is probably better than the other ones that I've done.

I remember moving to LA and people would say all these like, um, give advice. And I just remember like really being like in my head I was like, "That doesn't pertain to me, but, but I'm different." And it's like now I can look back at every piece of advice and be like, I was no different. I have the same stories as everybody else, but your ego really is a, a tricky little bitch.

Like I do feel like my comedy is just my personality and now I'm more open to being like, my interviews are longer and less hard comedy all the time. I feel a little more confident in my other parts of my brain. And so I think it's, yeah, I think I learn a lot. Like we're editing the pilot right now and I'm watching it and I'm, I'm like, "Yes." I'm having like honest revelations like on camera. So I think for me, like comedy is therapy in like the whole aspect of it.

Georgette Pierre:Right. That's so interesting 'cause I've never heard it put that way. Um, Dominique, so you have a non-profit organization that you were co-founder of called The Neighbor's Backyard. Can you tell us a little bit more about the initiatives, um, what that looks like and what led you to even being part or starting your own nonprofit

Dominique Banas:I am, I actually, I I grew up, you know, I'm, I'm Filipino so we, we did sing a lot. We have a lot of karaoke in our, in our family. So I think my little child dream was to be a pop star, but sometimes recently I'm like, "Should I have been a, can I be a florist"

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