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Anand No Garbo Gujarati Bookl

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Anand No Garbo Gujarati Bookl

Anand No Garbo: A Devotional Gujarati Book of Praise and Worship

Anand No Garbo is a popular Gujarati book that contains a collection of hymns and songs in praise of Goddess Bahuchara Mata, who is considered as one of the forms of Shakti, the divine feminine energy. The book was written by Karunashankar Ganeshji Raval, a poet and devotee of the goddess. The book was published by Gujrat Vidyapith Library in 2010.

The book consists of 33 verses that describe the various attributes, manifestations, and deeds of the goddess. The verses are written in a poetic and rhythmic style, with rhyming words and alliterations. The verses are also accompanied by a chorus that repeats the phrase "Anand No Garbo", which means "the joy of praise" or "the ecstasy of worship". The book is meant to be sung or recited as a form of devotion and meditation.

The book is based on the belief that Bahuchara Mata is the supreme power that pervades the entire universe and resides in every living being. She is the source of all creation, preservation, and destruction. She is also the giver of happiness, prosperity, health, and wisdom. She is the mother of all beings and the protector of all creatures. She is the embodiment of love, compassion, grace, and mercy. She is the one who fulfills all the desires and wishes of her devotees.

The book is widely read and sung by the followers of Bahuchara Mata, especially during the Navratri festival, which is celebrated for nine nights in honor of the goddess. The book is also used as a guide for spiritual practice and moral conduct. The book inspires the devotees to surrender to the will of the goddess and to live in harmony with nature and all beings.

Anand No Garbo is a Gujarati book that celebrates the glory and beauty of Bahuchara Mata, who is revered as one of the most powerful and benevolent goddesses in Hinduism. The book is a treasure of Gujarati literature and culture, as well as a source of joy and peace for millions of people.

The history of Bahuchara Mata is shrouded in mystery and legend. Some sources suggest that she was originally a tribal goddess of the Koli people, who were later assimilated into the Hindu fold. [9] Some sources also claim that she was a historical figure who lived in the 12th century CE and was a warrior princess who fought against the Muslim invaders. [10] However, there is no conclusive evidence to support either of these claims.

What is certain is that Bahuchara Mata has been worshipped for centuries by various communities and sects in Gujarat and beyond. She is especially revered by the Charans, who are a caste of bards and poets who claim to be her descendants. [11] She is also worshipped by the Rabaris, who are a nomadic pastoral community who consider her as their kuldevi or clan deity. [12] She is also associated with the Mataji cult, which is a folk religious movement that worships various forms of the Mother Goddess. [13]

Bahuchara Mata is also the patron goddess of the hijras, who are transgender or intersex individuals who identify as neither male nor female. The hijras believe that they are born with a special blessing or curse from Bahuchara Mata, depending on their perspective. They believe that by worshipping her and following her commands, they can attain salvation and liberation from their worldly troubles. [14] They also believe that they have a special role in society as mediators between the human and divine realms. They perform rituals and ceremonies at births, weddings, and other auspicious occasions, where they bless or curse people according to their merits. [15]

Bahuchara Mata is a unique and fascinating goddess who represents the diversity and complexity of Hinduism and Indian culture. She is a symbol of power, fertility, compassion, and justice. She is also a symbol of gender fluidity, sexual diversity, and social inclusion. She is a goddess who transcends boundaries and categories and embraces all her children with l


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