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Dance Its Your Stage

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In Career Mode the player is an undiscovered dance talent that tries to work his/her way up to the top with the help of Detlef D. The player is given new attributes such as clothes each time a song is completed in one of several venues. Bronze, Silver and Gold medals can be earned for each song.

Stage presence, also called showmanship, is one of the primary factors that judges consider in a performance. It's that important. Even if you're not competing and you're good with joining occasional social dances, having a great stage presence will get everyone talking.

Dancing is about expressing different emotions through graceful movements. And to look larger than life during a performance, you have to embrace the moment, transform yourself into the character, and express the emotion through dancing so it is felt by the audience.

You can transform your performance by leaving all the talking to your body. Through dancing, you can be dramatic, melancholic, comedic. You can use your body to express different emotions and let the audience feel the said emotion.

The perfect look motivates you to achieve a flawless performance. From your hair right down to your Yami dance shoes, pulling together the look inspires you to be the ultimate performer that you are!

Dance Informa spoke with professional dancers about how they create chemistry on stage. For some, like real-life married couple Ana Luizi and Júnio Teixeira, it comes naturally. And for others, like Jared Matthews who often dances with fellow American Ballet Theatre soloist Yuriko Kajiya, that chemistry stems from years of dancing together. Here, these dancers share what it means to work together toward a common dance goal of establishing a magnetic connection for the audience to see.

Jared Matthews, Soloist, American Ballet TheatreA great partnership is when you have two separate individuals who are excellent by themselves but when they dance together they bring something out in each other to get to another level.

No, the Back Row in a dance routine is not bad. When considering stage placement, teachers use a variety of methods to place dancers. Often ability has very little to do with it, and instead, teachers consider things like height, retention ability, and stage presence.

In the dance world, the way a dance routine is staged refers to where the dancers are placed on stage, and how the formations of dancers move and change throughout a dance. In order to understand staging, you need to be familiar with the basic stage directions that are used in dance and in theatre.

Downstage center is clearly the most coveted spot for a dancer in a group routine. It is also a spot with the most responsibility, meaning that the rest of the group will rely on that dancer to keep spacing consistent, both side to side and front to back, and to be a leader in remembering the routine.

The downstage center dancer has no one else to look to if she forgets the steps. Therefore, I need my downstage center dancer to have a great memory, confidence in herself to be a leader, and excellent showmanship. Do I need her to be the very best dancer in the class Nope. But is the very best dancer in the class also usually the one with a great memory, true confidence and excellent performance quality Yes.

Upstage center is actually a great place to be if you are a taller dancer because you can be seen with no problem, and have less pressure to be the leader. Additionally, if the routine is being performed in an arena or a large theatre with a balcony, the audience has a much easier time seeing that dancer in full because of the added distance that comes with the dancer being far upstage.

The sides of the stage can sometimes feel like a challenging place to dance. There is always the chance that the stage is small and those dancers end up dancing in the wings. Unfortunately, that does happen and there is not much to be done about it. However, dancers on these two sides are important pieces of formations.



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