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Full Love Ho Jaye

Amidst the ensuing commotion, Mini seizes the opportunity of cancelling her marriage and forces Viren to kidnap her, making him drive them off in one of her father's new taxis. The spunky Mini makes a deal with Viren that he will follow her instructions and will demand a ransom of Rs 1 million (10 lakh rupees) from her father. He can then have his Rs 60,000 that he lost and she will keep the rest as she does not want to go back home and get married. While the ransom letter is on the way to Bhatti, the couple enter into someone's empty home and try to make ends meet; in the process, they fall in love and are happy being with each other. The story takes a twist when Sunny and Bhatti come to pay the ransom money but fool them and start firing, hoping to take Mini back. Suddenly, Mini and Viren are kidnapped by another person and taken away to the house of Chowdhary, a notorious kidnapping kingpin.

Full Love Ho Jaye

Chowdhary makes a living out of demanding ransom, and it is then revealed that Viren (alias "Chotu") is Chowdhary's son: disapproving of his father's ways, Viren left home six years ago to work in Patiala as a rickshaw driver. Bhatti comes to pay the ransom and take her home, much to the dismay of Mini, as she loves Viren and does not want to marry Sunny. Viren's family, having grown fond of her, wants him to marry Mini. When Chowdhary tells him that Mini will run the family kidnapping business when he is gone, however, Viren realises he cannot allow Mini to lead such a dishonorable life and rejects the proposal. Mini assumes Viren does not love her, and leaves with a broken heart. Viren has a conversation with Chowdhary, who decides to forgo his kidnapping business for the sake of his family, and decides to go after Mini. Back home, Mini goes through with the wedding ceremony as per Bhatti's wishes, believing that the man with her is Sunny, but it turns out to have been Viren all along. The two drive off back to Chowdhary's house where they turn the kidnapping business into a reputable taxi driving one.

The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The chemistry of the lead cast was praised. Taran Adarsh from Bollywood Hungama rated the film 3 out of 5, and added "Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya is a sweet love story which is entertaining enough to succeed critically and commercially." Times of India gave a positive review and said "With the feel-good factor working to its advantage, you might just end up saying Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya to this sweet-n-simple film." Daily News and Analysis gave 3 stars out of 5, commented "The director seems to know well the culture of Punjab and Haryana and has generously incorporated it, including the way, Genelia's fiancé brags about his money power. Filmi at times, it doesn't fail to make you smile. Fun watch with your family."[6]

Really this song reminds me of my lover ;( evn our love is very difficult to get success but still v r nt ready to leave each other dnt knw what happens.Evrything bcz of religion prblm ;( the most touching line is kyu khuda tune mujhe aisa khwab dikhaya jab haqeeqat mein use todna tha.......;(

mashAlah i love this song's n lyric its likes my story really difficult to have bf a miles way...he's give me this song's n sing for me i hope our relationship will be eternal amiin i just want say I LOVE YOU SAJID ABBASI

Hi there! The song is, indeed, amazing. But it is borrowed from a Romanian Christmas carol, "la vifleem colo-n jos" or "la betleem colo-n jos". Check on youtube to see for yourselves. Great adaptation, however, from the Indian. I love it.

Carpe diem...this song captures the one love I must let go of because he can't take a chance and believe...such is life...the pain will get easier....cherish love and if you find it fight for it and don't let it go. A to M

Amazing Song! Wonderful Singing from Rahat and Shreya. It melts my heart as I listen to it. Soul-Touching song. Feel like falling in love after listening to this song. Great song. One of my most favourite tracks of this year. I love you Shreya Ghoshal. Sing more and give us a heaven experience!!!Infinite likes to this post!Magical-Magnetic-Soulful

I'm not an indian so i find it hard to understand the meaning of the song without a subtitle though i enjoyed listening to the sound.When i learned the meaning of the song, whoa! I can't stop myself to playing the song again and again.. I love it! I love bollywood. Am currently listening to the song now.:)

Kya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa (x6)Hooooo!!!!Kyon paise pe tu marti hain (x2)Kya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa (x2)Ek baat mujhe batla de tuUs rab se kyun nahi darti haiKya hota hai paise kaPaise ki laga doondheriDe dana dan paisa paisaDe dana danMein barish kar doon paise kiJo tu ho jaye meri (x2)(My lover why cant you seeI am not the girl you want me to beMy love is priceless babyNo money can buy me) -2Na haske kadi boltiPaise ko pyaar se toltiKya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa (x2)Har baar tera ek roop nayaNa bhed dilo ke kholtiPaisa paisaRab kehta hai dilwalon seNa kar hera pheriPaisa paisaMein barish kar doon paise kiJo tu ho jaye meriPaisa (x2)Paisa paisa (x2)My lover why cant you seeI am not the girl you want me to beMy love is priceless babyNo money can buy meHai sona bangla car bhi soniAish baohut dil karta hainKya baat hai kay cheez hai paisa (x2)Mujhe ek baat ki samaj na aayeDil tera pe kyon marta haiPaisa paisaAb jaan nikalegi tu meriKya neeyat hai teriDe dana danDe dana danMein barish kar doon paise kiJo tu ho jaye meriPaisaMein barish kar doon paise kiJo tu ho jaye meriPaisaMy lover why cant you seeI am not the girl you want me to beMy love is priceless babyNo money can buy mePaisa aavee paisa jaaveeEk ka hokar tikta naiKya baat hai kya cheez hai paisa (x2)Ek pyaar hi sacha duniya meinBazaron mein jo bikta naiPaisa paisaSach maan ke kehta daulatNa teri na meriPaisa paisaDe dana dandan de dana danMein barish kar doon paise kiJo tu ho jaye meri (x2)


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