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Dineth Yasiru Nuwanpriya

Text Book Of Animal Husbandry By G C Banerjee

Text book of Animal husbandry by G C Banerjee

Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture that deals with the care, breeding, and management of domestic animals. It is an important source of food, fiber, and income for many people around the world. Animal husbandry also plays a vital role in the conservation of biodiversity and the improvement of animal welfare.

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A Textbook of Animal Husbandry is a comprehensive and integrated text that provides educational concepts and self-study guide for students, researchers, teachers, livestock extension specialists, and administrators interested in the study of animal husbandry. The book covers various topics such as taxonomy, domestication, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, blood, reproduction, heredity, breeding, artificial insemination, mammary gland, lactation, nutrition, and management of different types of animals such as cattle, buffaloes, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep, camels, rabbits, yaks, horses, and elephants. The book also includes illustrations, tables, charts, diagrams, and references to enhance the understanding of the subject matter.

The author of the book is G. C. Banerjee, a renowned professor and researcher in the field of animal husbandry. He has written several books and articles on various aspects of animal science and has received many awards and honors for his contributions to the field. He is also a member of various national and international organizations related to animal husbandry.

A Textbook of Animal Husbandry is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the science and art of animal husbandry. It is also a useful reference for professionals and practitioners who are involved in the livestock sector. The book is available in both print and digital formats from Oxford & IBH Publishing Company, a leading publisher of scientific and technical books in India.


  • : A Textbook of Animal Husbandry by G. C. Banerjee

  • : Text Book of Animal Husbandry by G. C. Banerjee

  • : Oxford & IBH Publishing Company


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