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What is a Booking Bet? Various Types of Booking Bets in Football Betting

Booking bet, also known as card bet, is one of the most straightforward side bets in football betting. However, not everyone grasps the rules and peculiarities of this type of bet. In today's article, let's delve into the details of football tips daily and the various types of booking bets prevalent in football betting.

Table of Contents

I. What is a Booking Bet?II. Predicting Yellow and Red Cards in Booking BetsIII. Some Effective Tips for Analyzing Booking Bets

I. What is a Booking Bet?

A booking bet is one of the simpler side bets to win. It's a special type of wager where you predict the number of yellow or red cards in a football match. Additionally, many bookmakers have introduced variations to this type of betting, such as booking points. With this type of wager, points are assigned to each card, and you bet on whether these points will exceed a specific threshold set by the bookmaker, for example, betting over/under 19.5 points. Typically, each yellow card is valued at 10 points, and a red card is worth 25 points.

1. Red Card Betting

Are red cards considered booking? This is often the first question that bettors interested in booking bets ask, and indeed, red cards are counted as bookings. Red cards are usually issued after a player commits a dangerous foul or a violent attack and can lead to expulsion from the field if the referee deems it necessary. In a tense match between two major opponents, there's a high probability of red cards being shown. This becomes apparent in upcoming matches, especially if a team has previously received numerous yellow cards, as red cards are likely to follow. However, if you intend to bet on a red card before a match, you should choose a match with a typical rivalry, such as a local derby.

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2. Yellow Card Betting

Yellow cards are more common in football matches. To analyze and identify which team or player is likely to be booked, you need to rely on websites with extensive statistical data.

II. Predicting Yellow and Red Cards in Booking Bets

If you've decided to wager on this particular type of bet, you need to be familiar with the intricacies of football betting. For instance, players, often defenders and midfielders, who adopt an aggressive approach to the game are more likely to receive bookings.

Some players have a combative spirit, often vocalizing complaints, which referees tend to penalize with cautionary cards. Their defense is under immense pressure when facing stronger opponents, making it easier for you to accumulate bookings during the match.

1. Defenders are More Likely to be Booked

According to data from recent Premier League seasons, defenders are twice as likely to receive bookings compared to offensive players.

2. Weaker Teams Tend to Receive More Bookings

Weaker teams tend to receive more bookings not due to favoritism but because they are more prone to committing fouls in areas that impede their opponent's attacks, prompting referees to issue cards.

3. The Role of the Referee

In the Premier League, referee Mike Dean is not only known for his strictness but also for issuing inexplicable bookings. On the other hand, Robert Madley and Lee Mason tend to tolerate players' attacks, averaging 2.9 cards per game compared to the league average of 3.5. Mike Dean receives an average of about four cards per game, while Phil Dowd averaged 4.5 cards per game from 2013 to 2015.

Understanding the booking statistics of each league based on technical specifications and characteristics is crucial. With this knowledge, you can easily place bets on bookings and consistently earn profits.

III. Some Effective Tips for Analyzing Booking Bets

The way you place bets, analyze, and make decisions varies from person to person, but there are some basic playing rules to win. Here are some insights from experts at to help you make informed decisions for your matches.

Some Rules for Analyzing Booking Bets in Football

1. Choose Your Matches Wisely

Select a prominent match featuring a renowned team as they have more advantages. You'll find more relevant information in a well-known league than in a lesser-known one.

2. Consider the Nature of the Match

Remember that important matches often witness aggressive fouls from both sides. This means there's a high possibility of several cards being issued, something to consider in this market.

3. Be Cautious with High Odds

If you notice the odds offered by bookmakers are high, it means that betting outcome is less likely to occur. Pay attention; lower odds generally indicate a higher chance of winning.

4. Hedge Your Bets

Monitor the match closely and keep an eye on the bookmaker's odds to adjust your bets effectively. If your forecast doesn't match expectations, consider reducing your bet to recover your investment. Of course, it's better than losing all your money, isn't it?

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5. Choose the Right Bet

There are various ways bookmakers offer booking bets, so you must select the betting method that suits you best. Instead of focusing solely on the amount you stand to gain, concentrate on the bet that offers a higher probability of success and has reliable information backing our prediction.

Thus, Soi Keo TV has provided a detailed overview of booking bets and insights into analyzing these bets, along with tips to minimize risks. Hopefully, this article equips bettors with the necessary tools to engage in profitable betting activities with bookmakers.


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