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Edgar Frolov
Edgar Frolov

Heroes 5 Tribes Of The East Full Version 70

The Dwarf beast tribe in Lakeland wants to follow in the footsteps of theirhero, the Warrior of Darkness. They labour and toil to bring a design ofengineering marvel to life - and you, their idol, have the chance to help themcraft their creations. To learn about what beast tribes are and what theirquests are about, visit our beast tribes hub.

heroes 5 tribes of the east full version 70

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The Dwarf beast tribe is one of the beast tribes of Shadowbringers. They arefocused on Disciples of the Hand. Their currency is the Hammered Frogmentand these can be traded in for rewards. There aretwo other beast tribes in Shadowbringers, and you can learn about them byvisiting the ShB beast tribe hub.


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