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POM Zip 002


POM Zip 002

-- I try add executions :mvn assembly:assemby causes an error : Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:2.2-beta-5:assembly (default-cli) on project Maven_Installer: Error reading assemblies: No assembly descriptors found.

Thanks for reporting the issue. This might be the same problem as -3458 and other forum discussion Build failure caused by MetaDataParseException due to attempting to parse a .jar file as a Maven pom .

I have a zip file which I want to deploy to a Nexus repository. So I created a pom.xml file and a settings.xml file to do this. I was able to successfully upload to nexus but it seems it was deployed as a jar file

Asset Share Commons includes templates and a series of pages pre-configured. A Light and Dark set of content is included. These can be used as is. For more granular control, copy these templates and pages into your projects ui.content folder and modify to match your projects needs.

Our 2" x 3" 2 Mil Clearzip Locking Top Bags are used to seal standard weight products and are the most popular thickness for parts, clothing, food storage, and more. 2 mil Clearzip Locking Top bags are made from low density polyethylene and can be recycled. Reclosable 2" x 3" .002 plastic bags feature impressive clarity and make storage and organization simple for industrial, food service, and medical industry applications. 2 inch by 3 inch 2 mil Zipper Locking bags meet FDA/USDA requirements for use in food packaging and storage applications. These small clear bags are also known as 2030 apple baggies. Apple bags are often used by dispensaries as small exit bags.

This chapter describes the data requirements for implementing modules of the Retail Analytics Platform, where to get additionalinformation for optional or application-specific data interfaces, and how to load an initial dataset into the cloud environmentsand distribute it across your desired applications.

Preparing data for one or more modules of the Retail Analytics Platform can consume a significant amount of project time,so it is crucial to identify the minimum data requirements for the platform first, followed by additional requirements thatare specific to your implementation plan. Data requirements that are called out for the platform are typically shared acrossall modules, meaning you only need to provide the inputs once to leverage them everywhere. This is the case for foundationaldata elements, such as your product and location hierarchies. Foundation data must be provided for any module of theplatform to be implemented. Foundation data is provided using different sources depending on your current software landscape,including the on-premise Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS) or 3rd-party applications.

Application-specific data requirements are in addition to the shared foundation data, and may only be used by one particularmodule of the platform. These application data requirements may have different formats and data structures from the coreplatform-level dataset, so pay close attention to those additional interface specifications. References and links are providedlater in this chapter to guide you to the relevant materials for application-specific inputs and data files.

If you are using RMS as your primary data source, then you may not need to produce some or all of these foundation files,as they will be created by other Oracle Retail processes for you. However, it is often the case that historical data requiresa different set of foundation files from your future post-implementation needs. If you are loading manually-generatedhistory files, or you are not using an Oracle Retail data source for foundation data, then review the rest of this sectionfor details.

The first table defines the minimum dimensional data. A dimension is a collection of descriptive elements, attributes,or hierarchical structures that provide context to your business data. Dimensions tell the platform what your business looksl


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