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beauty is in the eye of the beholder.while i respect the opinion of other reviewers, its true that we all get something different from a close location to texas has allowed the chance to sample many mezcals,tequilas,sotols ,racillias and bacanora.i hope to enjoy many more in my life. IN MY OPINION,this is a very lovely and wonderful spirit.the price makes it that much more of a treasure. it has a very deep sweetness(not overly) and a broad almost fat full flavor.lots of agave.mellow from start to finish.a few seconds after consuming there is a pleasant building of heat that hits in the chest.lovely pepper and of my favorites regardless of my 50 years of age,i have found that i will taste a spirit too fast.when i go back and give it another try,i find that it was something i over looked.this is not always the rule but does occur especially with the complex nature of agave spirits. i think sombra is worthy of praise.when i sample,i always try to have a clean pallet(as much as possible). it is so fantastic to have so many to choose from. 59ce067264


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