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Windslic Uefi Slic 45 ((HOT))

The default UEFI settings I had was set to only run Secure Boot on any hardware containing 32-bit CPU microcode, and to disable booting UEFI firmware (typically the Secure Boot Container), and to disable booting from CD/DVD or floppy. I was able to get it to run UEFI firmware so I could turn UEFI on, and I was able to get CD-ROM booting working so I could use the built-in DVD drive to burn my Ubuntu installation CD. I'm glad I also changed the default boot device to be the hard drive and not the USB device, and I changed the Secure Boot setting to not require a key to be entered (as you may have already noticed this is a security risk).

Windslic Uefi Slic 45

Are you already familiar with the layout of the UEFI? That's good. Theres all kinds of stuff you can do with it. When you first install, the boot menu will all be grayed out to allow you to do nothing until you learn how to use the UEFI. Read through the tutorials, they're pretty self-explanatory. 

before asking to reset I've been looking for answers in the forum and online but the only thing I Windslic Uefi Slic 45 could find was that there are 2 partitions on the SSD one is EFI and the other is boot and then it says the Windslic Uefi Slic 45 that the boot partition is the master boot partition. Can anyone help? Thank you. `

Windslic Uefi Slic 45 you have to install the OS to the HDD. HDD is always the primary partition for booting so in your case if you install windows on the SSD which is the system drive you wont be able to boot it on the HDD so you have to install windows on the HDD. My advice to you is


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