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A Hand In The Darkness Free Download __HOT__

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A Hand in the Darkness Free Download

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In front, mounted before a sturdy-looking brave, was a noble-looking whiteman. Although his hands were tied, yet from time to time they had not scornedto eye him with anxious glances, seemingly fearful that by some Sampsonianattempt he might free himself. Thus, when the party halted, men closed aroundhim, upon either side, guarding against such a catastrophe.

The rain still beat down on the party of six, but their heavy blankets weresufficient to shield their ammunition, as well as their persons, from its power,and, though the time hung dully on their hands, morning light soon arrived, thedarkness and the rain being driven away very nearly at the same time.

Hastening on, his teeth firm set, his eyes straining to pierce the darkness, hishand tightly clenching his hunting-knife, there came suddenly to his ears thesound of a rapidly approaching horseman. Not far distant was he, either, andthough the danger of halting was almost commensurate with that of proceeding,still he thought it best to halt, and, if possible, escape the notice of the comingfoe. For not one moment could he suppose that any but a foe might ride sorecklessly in such close proximity to the Indian town. 041b061a72


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