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Wrestle Kingdom 2 (PS2) PORTABLE

There are three different game modes as well as a create a wrestler option and a variety of unlockables. Wrestle Kingdom 2 features licensed wrestlers for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as a number of freelance workers and legends, but differs from the first installment by not including characters from Pro Wrestling Noah.

Wrestle Kingdom 2 (PS2)

For instant action the player can select a variety of different matches. The types of matches include Single Match, Tag Match, Three Way Match, Handicap Match, Four Way Match, Five on Five Team Battle, and Gauntlet. The four preset match types are Normal, Hardcore, Shoot Rules, and MMA Rules. The match rules can be altered to make other types of matches, for instance turning off all match finishes but submission creates a submission match, but the match style does not vary. There are no cage matches or other similar matches that involve more alterations than just changing the rules of a normal match. By winning singles matches with certain wrestlers, video interviews are unlocked.

Select a wrestler and then compete in a tournament for a championship. Winning a championship with certain wrestlers unlocks hidden wrestlers. The championships available are the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the G1 Climax, the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at Best of the Super Juniors, the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship at Champion Carnival, and the World Junior Heavyweight Championship at the Super J-Cup.

In this mode the player must select a specific wrestling event and then prepare a stable of wrestlers to compete against the computer. At the events matches are put together and then wagers are made for power-ups and unlockables such as wrestlers, moves, and items. The type of match is determined based on the event selected. There are a large number of locations and events in this mode and more appear as the player progresses.


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