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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 PSN

On an early afternoon, Tails discovers the lone Tornado on the beach. Being a budding fan of machinery and vehicles, he rushes up to take a closer look. As he is admiring its magnificent build however, he notices that Sonic is taking a nap under the Tornado's wing. Realizing that the hedgehog owns the plane, Tails gently retreats to the other side of it so as not to wake him up. Suddenly however, an ominous flash occurs in the direction of the nearby forest, which is then followed by a horrible explosion. The wildfire blows away various debris, which Tails avoids by taking cover underneath the Tornado as he witnessed robots violently excavating the area. This ceaseless activity threatens to blanket the entire island in its destructive flames.[6]

Back on West Side Island, Tails and some Animals are looking at the sky as they witness the Death Egg explode, dyeing the sky in pure white. As they wait for Sonic's return, Tails gets worried about the hedgehog. Wanting to help, the fox cub jumps into the Tornado and goes to save Sonic.[8] Meanwhile, Sonic barely manages to escape the Death Egg, leaving Robotnik behind and leaving the space station to fall into the atmosphere. From there, the ending of the game will depend on the player's progress:

The Sonic The Hedgehog franchise holds an odd place in the video game industry. The mascot platformer is one of the most iconic characters in gaming history, yet many people believe the blue hedgehog has an underwhelming collection of games. This opinion of Sonic's catalog isn't universal, as although some believe there are no good sonic games, there are others who believe the franchise is competitive with Nintendo's Mario.

Updated May 18, 2022, by Jack Pursey: The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has been riding a wave of success lately, though the blue hedgehog's gaming ventures have not been the source. Instead, Sega's mascot character has found success on the silver screen, with two Sonic the Hedgehog movies that have both been financial successes. It's fair to say that few people expected the movies to be so successful, especially after the first one's infamous trailer was initially released. This success has brought with it a wave of new fans to the long-running gaming series. To give new and existing fans an idea of what game to play first/next, this list has been updated to include some key information, such as each game's best feature and the platforms that they can be played on.

The one that started it all, the original Sonic The Hedgehog was released all the way back in 1991. The blue hedgehog was created with a clear goal: to be the driving force behind Sega's quest to topple Nintendo. Sega was, of course, unsuccessful in this mission, but the original game was an excellent attempt to compete with Mario. 59ce067264


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