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Ballet Things To Buy

With a free carry bag, the turn out discs are an ideal gift for ballet lovers - take them with you to the studio, or practice at home to strengthen your turnout muscles, improve your alignment in demi pliés, develop your control of turnout and more...

ballet things to buy

This high quality small dance exercise ball is ideal for ballet students of all ages and levels and has a number of uses, including exercises for core stability. The ball inflates and deflates very quickly and will fit in your dance bag so you can exercise with it wherever you are.

Ballet warm up clothes make a lovely gift idea for ballet lovers of all ages. For a thoughtful but inexpensive gift, take a look at our selection of ballet leg warmers. or for a more premium gift, why not browse our dance warm up tops or full body dance warm ups.

Our best selling book, 'Inside Ballet Technique' by Valerie Grieg is packed full of anatomical knowledge, tips and ideas to help improve your ballet technique. We also stock the most popular books by world renowned master teacher, Eric Franklin.

At PDE Dance Supplies we stock Bloch warm up boots in a variety of sizes and colours, or for premium ballet warm up booties, take a look at the Tendu warm up boots. Or for warm up booties that you can wear outdoors and keep your feet warm all the way to the dance studio, take a look at the latest edition to the Bloch collection: Bloch warm up boots with outdoor sole.

At PDE Dance Supplies we are delighted to stock the limited edition classical ballet wrap skirts by Maewear. Hand made in Yorkshire, each skirt in the range features a unique design and comes with a FREE matching bag. The skirts hang beautifully, accentuating your classical ballet line and the wrap over design makes them easily adjustable.

Rachel Ellen is a former professional dancer and an award winning designer. Rachel has created a gorgeous collection of ballet themed gifts which are ideal if you are looking for dance gifts for girls.

Choose from handy accessories for the ballet class including ballet bags, water bottles and tins for storing ballet bun hair accessories. Or, browse a lovely selection of stationery including ballerina colouring and sticker books, writing sets and thank you cards all featuring beautiful designs by Rachel Ellen.

This popular 3 DVD Disc Set has previously been featured in the Christmas edition of the Dancing Times magazine and has been enjoyed by dance students from all over the world. Join Royal Ballet School trained ex-Professional Ballerina, Kimberley Berkin at the barre where she will help you to improve your ballet technique!

Improve your ballet technique with these downloadable videos by Royal Ballet School trained ex Professional Ballerina, Kimberley Berkin. Each video includes an introduction to the step, followed by clear demonstrations of a number of teaching points to focus on plus follow along exercises complete with musical accompaniment! A unique gift for dancers aged 8 to adult who want to improve their ballet technique - choose from individual steps from just 4.79 per video or enjoy big savings when you choose one of our video bundles!

Starting on pointe is a very special occasion for every ballet student and a collection of pointe shoe accessories would make a lovely celebratory gift. Choose from pointe ribbons, advanced toe pads and more. A breathable pointe shoe bag is also essential to prolong the life of the pointe shoes by allowing them to 'breathe' and dry out fully in between classes.

These beginner level ballet classes will be ideal for anyone who attends adult ballet classes or enjoys practising ballet at home. Royal Ballet School trained ex-professional ballerina, Kimberley Berkin clearly sets each exercise, followed by a full demonstration complete with musical accompaniment for you to follow along to. Each ballet class includes barre work, centre practice and basic pirouette and allegro exercises.

This beautiful limited edition print featuring ballerinas at the barre would look lovely on any dance studio wall, dance teacher's office or ballet lover's home! The Giclée Fine Art Print is one of just 250 By Rachel Ellen. Each print is numbered and presented in an ivory coloured mount with a Certificate of Verification. The print is also signed by Rachel Ellen! A beautiful unique gift for any ballet lover!

Our range of stylish warm up boots are perfect for keeping your feet and ankles warm before and after your adult ballet classes. The Tendu boots are unisex and are finished with an eye catching plush beige polyester fur lining. They also feature an ankle drawstring to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Or choose from our colourful range of Bloch Dance Boots.

Featured in last year's Christmas edition of the Dancing Times magazine, this 3 DVD Disc Set would be ideal for adult ballet dancers who have been attending classes for some time and want to improve on their ballet technique.

David Plumpton's music for ballet class has been enjoyed by ballet students and teachers from all across the world. Each CD includes music for the barre, centre and allegro steps with a range of tempos and time signatures, making them ideal if you want ballet class music to practice along with at home or in the studio.

These downloadable videos by Kimberley Berkin are perfect for adult ballet dancers who want to improve their technique in particular steps from the ballet class. Each video includes an introduction to the step, followed by clear demonstrations of a number of teaching points to focus on plus follow along exercises complete with musical accompaniment!

A unique gift for adult dancers who want to improve their ballet technique - choose from individual steps from just 4.79 per video or enjoy big savings when you choose one of our video bundles!

These lovely mini pointe shoe keyrings from So Danca would make a lovely little Christmas dance gift... They are the perfect size to add to your keychain or attach to your dance bag. Choose from a range of colours including purple, red, lilac, 'ballet pink' and more...

Give the gift of learning... discover new exercises or develop your knowledge and understanding of classical ballet technique even when the dance studio is closed for the Christmas holidays!

With breathable mesh sides and an easy zip closure, the Tendu pointe shoe bag is our recommended choice. It's available in pink and comes in a Navy colour too - perfect for use as a boy's or men's ballet shoe bag!

Take a look at the Ballerina writing set or the Rachel Ellen Ballerina colouring book, featuring fun ballet characters in a range of ballet positions. The names of the ballet positions and steps alongside the pictures make this colouring book a fun way for children learn about ballet terminology!

Notebooks are a useful dance gift - perfect for dance choreography notes, counts, lists and more... Or keep your little ballerina busy whilst they learn about ballet positions and steps with the Ballerina colouring book.

The Tendu Ballet Bun Kit contains everything you need for the perfect ballet bun, including a handy hairbrush and a neat little zip up bag to keep your hair accessories together. We also stock a full range of hair accessories for dancers including hair donuts, pins, hair nets and more...

If you are a parent with an aspiring dancer, nothing is more exciting for both of you than getting all the necessary apparel, including a first or new pair of ballet shoes. However, for little feet, it is very important to get the right shoes at the right price. Below are 5 things to consider before you buy ballet slippers:

For ballet slippers, the single most important factor is fit. The shoe should fit like a sock or glove without puckers or extra material to pinch at the tip of the shoe. The slipper should NOT be so snug or binding as to curl the toes inside the shoe or squeeze the ball or widest part of the foot.

A 501(C)3 nonprofit organization established in 2010. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Courtney Laves-Mearini and Executive Director Heather Young, the Company is dedicated to returning classical ballet to Northeast Ohio. We are in residence at Cleveland City Dance studios in Historic Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio.

Ballet shoes are light, round toed shoes that are most commonly made from Satin, Canvas, or Leather. These shoes have no heel and a flexible sole that is used for ballet dancing. They are often available in pink, white, ivory and black.

While both male and female dancers wear ballet shoes, only female dancers wear pointe shoes, but this is normally from age 11 or 12 upwards, and after many years of ballet training. Pointe shoes also have a box and a shank which a ballet shoe does not.

Women began ballet dancing in 1682, when ballet shoes still had heels. Years later, in the mid-18th century, the popular Paris Opera ballet dancer Marie-Annie Camargo paved the way for dancers everywhere by taking the heels off her dance shoes. Camargo was an innovator in other ways, rejecting the restrictive costumes dancers of the time wore.

The much loved 20th century Russian born Anna Pavlova (famous for The Dying Swan) popularised ballet dancing across the globe. Pavlova had extremely arched steps and slender feet which meant the traditional Ballet slippers put added pressure on her toes and ankles. To solve her problems, this innovator created the modern-day pointe shoe, complete with supportive shank and box.

Once students reach the higher vocational ballet exams, that soft blocks become a compulsory shoe for the exam with many exam boards. Pointe shoes and soft pointe shoes should be professionally fitted in person.

If you are heading into a store for new ballet shoes try a pair with the exact fit, according to your measurements, and a pair the next size up. You'll be able to see which size allows for the easiest movement and is the most comfortable for your little dancer.

Look at reviews online, talk to your child's ballet teacher and other dance mums for their recommendations on which shoes to buy. A good quality, second-hand pair of ballet shoes is a great money-saving option which leaves more budget for their class fees. 041b061a72


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