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Bharati Mukherjee Wife Pdf 21

We return to the narrative to New York, where Jasmine meets Kate Gordon-Feldstein, Lillian's daughter, in her enormous Garment District loft, to inquire about a job as an au pair. The loft is in total disarray, which is a stark contrast to the total orderliness of the Vadheras apartment in Flushing. Jasmine feels badly about leaving the Vadheras behind with nothing more than a note, but for her own sanity, she couldn't stay there much longer. She was losing her English; being in that neighborhood was almost the same as staying in India. Kate refers Jasmine to Taylor Hayes; he and his wife are seeking an au pair to look after their little girl, Duff. Before Jasmine leaves the apartment, she meets Sam, Kate's pet iguana. Holding and petting a reptile is a strange and liberating feeling for Jasmine because, in Hasnapur, reptiles were always reviled.

Bharati Mukherjee Wife Pdf 21

In Chapter 24, Jasmine recounts the attack that left Bud paralyzed from the waist down, as well as her early days in Baden, her few confrontations with Bud's ex-wife Karin, and the day she received a postcard in the mail from Taylor, two years after Bud is shot. Bud is shot by a farmer named Harlan Kroener. Jasmine blames herself in many ways, because she figures she should have seen the attack coming, should have read the signs on Harlan's face when he arrived at their front door in winter, holding a rifle, asking for Bud in his deadpan voice. But, she figures every farmer in Iowa has a rifle. She doesn't think about it at the time. It is Christmastime when Harlan shoots Bud. Jasmine recalls the way Taylor and Wylie heaped presents onto Duff, reveling in the spirit of the season. Bud regards Christmas with the same renewed joy after they adopt Du, with a big tree stocked with presents. The relationship between bankers and farmers in town could be tense, and the Christmas season is a time when the economic hardships and successes of neighbors are especially obvious. Harlan walks Bud out to his truck where he shoots him twice in the back before turning his gun on himself. Bud is lying out in the snow for thirty minutes before Du finally hears him screaming.


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