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Sketsa Svg Editor 7.0.1 Keygen 12


Sketsa Svg Editor 7.0.1 Keygen 12


How to Crack Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1

Sketsa SVG Editor is a software that allows you to create and edit vector graphics using the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. It has features such as drawing tools, filters, gradients, transformations, text editing, and more. However, if you want to use it beyond the 30-day trial period, you need to purchase a license or crack it.

In this article, I will show you how to crack Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1 using a keygen and a patch file that I found online. This method works for Windows 7 32-bit operating system, but it may also work for other versions of Windows. Please note that cracking software is illegal and may harm your computer, so do it at your own risk.

Step 1: Download and Install Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1

You can download Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1 from its official website: This website may require a VPN to access it from some regions. Alternatively, you can download it from a third-party website such as: This website provides a zip file that contains the setup.exe file and a crack folder.

After downloading the zip file, extract it and run the setup.exe file to install Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1 on your computer. Follow the installation wizard steps and accept the license agreement. You can choose the default installation path or change it to your preferred location. You can also choose whether to create shortcuts on your desktop and start menu.

Step 2: Replace the kiyut-sketsa.jar File

After installing Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1, you need to replace the original kiyut-sketsa.jar file with a cracked one. The kiyut-sketsa.jar file is located in the sketsa\modules folder under the installation path. For example, if you installed Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1 in D:\Sketsa-7_0_1, then the kiyut-sketsa.jar file is in D:\Sketsa-7_0_1\sketsa\modules.

To replace the kiyut-sketsa.jar file, go to the crack folder that came with the zip file that you downloaded earlier. Copy the kiyut-sketsa.jar file from the crack folder and paste it in the sketsa\modules folder under the installation path. Overwrite the original file when prompted.

Step 3: Delete or Rename the Cache Folder

The next step is to delete or rename the cache folder that is located in %appdata%\.sketsa\7.0.1\var\. The %appdata% variable refers to the AppData\Roaming folder under your user profile folder. For example, if your username is Tsybius, then %appdata% is C:\Users\Tsybius\AppData\Roaming.

To delete or rename the cache folder, go to %appdata%\.sketsa\7.0.1\var\ and find the cache folder. You can either delete it permanently or rename it to something else such as cache_old.

Step 4: Enter Any Name and Serial Number

The final step is to enter any name and serial number when you launch Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1 for the first time after cracking it. You will see a dialog box that asks you to evaluate the software or enter a serial number. Click on Enter Serial Number and type any name and serial number that you want.

For example, you can enter:

Name: John Doe

Serial Number: 1234-5678-9012-3456 aa16f39245


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