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What Is Three-Way Handicap Betting? Effective Strategies for Handicap Betting

Three-way handicap betting is not only a form of sports betting in football, but it's also a colorful and surprising game. Although not as popular as some other types of bets, it contains moments of excitement and exploration. To discover the secrets and unique experiences of this type of bet, let's explore handicap betting tips it together with Wintips in the following article!

What is Three-Way Handicap Betting?

In the world of football betting, three-way handicap betting opens up a new playing field, combining the essence of Asian handicap and European handicap. This type of bet offers three familiar choices:

Home team: Betting on the home team to win.

Away team: Betting on the away team to win.

Draw: Choosing this option allows you to win when both teams end the match with the same score.

While Asian handicaps offer complex odds like -1/4, -1/2, three-way handicap bets keep everything simple with round numbers like -1, -2, -3. Your choices are not limited to just picking the winning team; you can also bet on the first half or the entire match. And don't forget, this type of bet is also used in over/under betting and is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. With three-way handicap betting, you'll experience a new, exciting, and surprising way of playing!

Key Features of Three-Way Handicap Betting

When participating in handicap betting, you'll discover a world with incredibly attractive odds. Placing the right bet can earn you odds of up to 4.00 or even 5.00.

Even if you're looking for lower odds, sometimes placing multiple bets can bring you unexpected rewards.

Not only average-rated teams but also giants like Liverpool, Manchester United, or Barcelona often excel when playing away. Especially with handicaps of -1 or higher, these giants usually have no difficulty in scoring goals and overcoming the handicap barrier.

How to Calculate Winnings in Three-Way Handicap Betting

When you participate in three-way handicap betting and win, your winnings will depend on the European handicap odds.

Profit = amount wagered x odds of the chosen option.

In case the match is unexpectedly canceled, all the money you wagered will be refunded by the bookmaker.

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Guide to Understanding Three-Way Handicap Betting for Beginners

Easy to join and exciting, three-way handicap betting offers a fun and straightforward betting experience compared to other types of bets. Let's take a look at an illustrative example to understand this betting method better!

On the European football field, the teams Italy and Austria will clash. Italy, as the home team, gives Austria a 1-goal handicap. In the odds table, you will see:

Home team (-1) - Italy gives 1 goal:

If Italy wins with a margin of 2 goals or more, congratulations, you win!

If Italy only wins by 1 goal, it's a draw, and your bet will be refunded.

However, if Italy loses, unfortunately, you lose your bet.

Away team (+1) - Austria gets an extra goal:

If Austria takes the lead against Italy, you'll have an enjoyable evening with a win!

Lose by 1 goal? No worries, you'll get your bet refunded.

But if Austria loses to Italy by 2 goals or more, you'll also lose the bet.

Draw (away +1) - 1-goal handicap for Austria:

If Italy wins by just 1 goal, you'll smile with a win.

But if the result is a draw, or Austria wins/loses to Italy by 2 goals or more, unfortunately, you'll lose this bet.

Experience, Three-Way Handicap Betting Strategy from Experts

To become a professional in three-way handicap betting, you need to pay attention to the following secrets:

Choose the right match

Based on evaluations from top football experts, you should prioritize selecting matches with a clear difference between strong and weak teams. The strong team is likely to win by a large margin, increasing your chances of winning the bet.

Combine diverse bets

Combine three-way handicap betting with various other bets such as: First team to score, no goals, last goal... These bets often favor the strong team throughout the match.

Evaluate head-to-head history

Another effective strategy is to consider the head-to-head history between the two teams. Past numbers and information can help you predict more accurately about possible outcomes.

Analyze the odds

Take the time to research and compare the odds provided by different bookmakers. This helps you assess whether three-way handicap betting is the best choice or not. In specific matches, you should also consider placing bets on the over or under to minimize risks.

Be ready to adapt

Sometimes, things don't go as predicted. Therefore, be willing to reconsider your decision and come up with alternative strategies if needed.

Know when to stop

The most important point when participating in betting is to weigh and control yourself. Instead of putting all your money into a match you're sure to win, remember that nothing is certain. Risk is always present, and the key to success is managing your capital and not letting emotions take over.

Keep up with expert information

There are many quality prediction sources available today. To increase your winning rate, you need to consult analyses from experts. The point to note is to compare the odds from bookmakers with the analyses of experts to see if there's consistency between them.


Here, Wintips has provided a comprehensive guide soccer tips sites to three-way handicap betting. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have grasped important knowledge and are ready to apply techniques and experiences to gain an advantage in each betting session. Wish you luck and success with three-way handicap betting!


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