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Buy New York Cheesecake

$20 OFF!! Now $41.95!! Our Original New York cheesecake is layered with a traditional carrot cake, made with fresh carrots and cinnamon. Frosted with Juniors own cream cheese frosting.

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A traditional favorite with a Junior's twist. Homemade moist Red Velvet cakeis layered with our Original New York cheesecake and our famous cream cheeseicing. Adorned with even more icing and cake crumbs ON SALE ! $51.95.

Though the ingredients are simple, cheesecake can be a little intimidating to make. Because cheesecake is a custard, it needs to be baked gently in a water bath, and you have to worry about the surface of the cake cracking, as well as over or undercooking. However, with the right recipe and a few pointers, a creamy, crack-free NY-style cheesecake is totally doable, even for beginners.

This recipe makes a classic New York-style cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust and rich, dense filling made from cream cheese, eggs, sugar, sour cream, vanilla, a hint of lemon, and a few tablespoons of flour.

Cream cheese is the key ingredient, so I recommend using a good brand, like Philadelphia. Though it is used most often as a spread for bagels, cream cheese is used to make many wonderful desserts, like pumpkin cheesecake, no-churn ice cream, trifles, and frosting.

Set the unbaked cheesecake in a large roasting pan. Pour boiling water into the roasting pan until it comes about one inch up the side of the cake pan. The water bath (also called a bain marie) regulates the temperature and keeps the cheesecake baking at an even, low heat. The steam/humidity created by the water bath also protects the cheesecake from drying out and cracking.

Carefully remove the roasting pan from the oven and set it on a wire rack. Cool the cheesecake in the water bath until the water is just warm, about 45 minutes. Remove the springform pan from the water bath, discard the foil, and transfer the cheesecake to the refrigerator to cool for at least 8 hours or overnight.

Hi there! My Italian husband wants me to make this cheesecake for him. Just wondering if adding more lemon and perhaps Lemoncello to the recipe would make it more of a lemon cheesecake or would it ruin it? Secondly, my last cheesecake had 15 oz of ricotta cheese in it but it came out fluffy instead of creamy and dense. Tasted good but not creamy & dense enough. Do you think your recipe with sour cream replacing the ricotta cheese that I used previously would do the trick?

I am an 84 year old Grandfather who has just for the 3rd year made this wonderful cake as a Birthday cake for my 21 year old Granddaughter Eleanor. I have always since 6 years old loved to cook and feed guests. I would like to thank you for this recipe. It is without a doubt perfection. Your instructions and all tips were so clear and concise. It turned out perfectly 3 years ago as it has every year since. Not a hint of a crack in the top ! Everyone in my family who has tasted it says it is the best cheesecake they have every eaten and trust me we do have a few food snobs! Thank you again for this contribution.

This was my first NY cheesecake and I followed the recipe to a T and it came out amazing!! Thank you so much! My friends and family loved it so much, I have to make another. Off to the store for more cream cheese!

Excellent cheese cake. I have a really good one like this one but yours makes it so easy to cut in half as there is just two of us. Question on baking time. Do I cut the baking time in half? I started with your 325 degrees but about 30 minutes in turned it down to 300 (most recipes seem to use that temp and I was kind of nervous about the temp and time). I had set the timer for 1 hour and checked it, and there was NO wobble in center. Thought I ruin it for over cooking. Much to my surprise it turned out just fine and delicious. Would still like your opinion on time and temp. In addition to your recipe I make this crust: 1-1/4 c flour; 3/4c soften real butter; 1/4 c gran sugar; 1 egg yolk; 1 lemon peel: At low speed mix ingreds then refrig 1 hour; Press 1/3 of dough in bottom of pan; bake 400 for 8 mins: cool; press rest of dough up sides. add cheesecake and bake. Thank you for your delicious recipe and any help that you can give me on cook time and temperature. I hope you will try the crust, it puts the cheesecake over the top

I tried many different cheesecake recipes, none of them were good. Last week I tried this recipe and it turned out great, delicious. It looked like a professional store-made cheesecake, but the taste was heavenly. The best cheesecake recipe ever. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing recipe with us.

Eileen Avezzano started slinging her namesake cheesecakes in 1975, using a traditional New York recipe passed down from her mother. Now at her award-winning Nolita storefront, there are over 20 flavors ranging from classics like cherry to unique twists like salted caramel and cookies and cream.

The storied slice at Harry Rosen's Downtown Brooklyn mainstay has become synonymous with New York-style cheesecake itself. Made with humble Philadelphia cream cheese and a sponge cake base, each round is lovingly mixed and baked by hand to this day.

Dig into the countless delicate layers of rich cream cheese and sweet blueberries of the mille crêpes cake at this Japanese cafe and bakery for a unique cheesecake experience. With locations in both Soho and Chelsea, Harbs is a great place to refuel after a day spent shopping or exhibit-hopping; in addition to sweet treats, the menu offers light lunch bites like BLTs and avocado toast.

This 30-seat, blue-hued café is lined with gray banquettes and round tables facing the glass-encased treats on display, warmly lit by drop-down globe lights. While we love everything on the menu, including the flaky croissants and the heavenly chocolate cake, the cheesecake stands out, kissed with vanilla and lemon zest in a dark chocolate crust, with vanilla and lemon zest.

This Japanese cheesecake spot arrived in New York back in 2017; today, it continues to churn out playful shapes (like a heart-shaped cheesecake for Valentine's Day), Halloween versions and a gorgeous purple sweet potato variety.

Our world-famous New York cheesecake is the perfect ending to a decadent meal, a celebration or gift for someone special. Each cheesecake is hand-made by our bakers with real cream cheese and has a delicious crumbly cookie crust.

Following these 5 steps will not only help you with this New York cheesecake recipe, but any cheesecake recipe. Just remember to keep everything low and slow, bring your ingredients to room temperature, and ALWAYS use a water bath.

If you make my New York style cheesecake, make sure to tag me @butternutbakery on Instagram. I love seeing these recipes come to life in YOUR kitchen! To save this recipe for later, use the pin button on the recipe card, the buttons above or below this post, or on any of the photos listed in this post. Happy baking!

Dear Jenna,Thank goodness I found your recipe for New York cheesecake. It incorporated all the ingredients I remember using and sour cream too. Came out perfect? I really loved the raspberry sauce, not too sweet and not too sour. It was just right! Thank you so much.

This is the most amazing cheesecake. I had a go to recipe that I used until my son ask me to make this one and I have never gone back to my original one. I make it with double the graham cracker crust for my son at his request and my daughter at her request gets double the pastry crust. Everything else stays the same. We love it with raspberry sauce and I double that but use half the sugar. Doing that is just enough to balance the tartness of the fruit to the richness of the cheesecake.

When you walk out with this rich decadent creamy dessert in your hands, you are going to become the most popular person in the room. Everyone loves a good cheesecake, but this is an incredible cheesecake, that surprisingly simple to make. Anyone can do this and become the hero of dessert. Cheesecake is a dessert that will be devoured, so be prepared. You may not have very many leftovers.

Whether there is a crack or not in your New York Cheesecake will not affect the taste at all, this is all about being pleasing to the eye. When I am eating cheesecake, it really does not matter to me how it looks. These are just some great tips to help try and avoid the cracks.

The classic decadent New York cheesecake, boasting rich flavors of cream cheese, sugar, and a touch of lemon. The original, irresistible cheesecake is perfect to devour on its own or with your favorite toppings. This is the utmost quality in gourmet cheesecake gifts you will ever be able to find.

New York-style cheesecake, as its name suggests, is native to the Big Apple. Its signature ingredient is sour cream which, along with a hint of lemon, gives the dense, creamy filling a touch of tang. Baked in a cookie crust, New York cheesecake typically sports cherry or strawberry topping. But feel free to top your cheesecake with blueberries, pineapple, or any fruit you choose.

Prop open the door, and let the cheesecake cool slowly in the oven for 1 hour. During this time the center will finish setting. Cooling the cake slowly will keep the top from cracking and ensure a smooth, even texture inside.

Cheesecakes:This velvety classic cheesecake is steeped in New York tradition with a creamy, luscious filling sitting atop a crumbly cookie crust. Each cheesecake is individually handmade to achieve satin perfection.

Available in 3 sizes: 10-inch cheesecake (weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds!) and 4-inch cheesecakes and individual slices. Full cheesecakes can be found in the bakery case and the freezer aisle. Slices can be found in the bakery case and the grab & go wall.

STORAGE:Store cheesecakes in the freezer for up to 6 months in the original packaging. If you want to save some for later, portion your cake and pack in an airtight container to refreeze. Leftover cheesecake can be refrigerated for up to 5 days (preferably in an airtight container). 041b061a72


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