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[S3E9] Fight Or Flight

Archer tells Bennings he is from Earth and asks to let him prove it. However, one of the other men decide to provoke a shot from Reed. The firefight starts, dropping a few of the Humans while T'Pol and Archer drag MacReady to safety. Kelly, Money and Woods stun several of the Humans. Archer advances to take out a couple others, but is shot by Bennings, who has hid behind the building. Bennings pursues Archer to the stable, who then jumps on him from behind and they fight. He ultimately subdues him, despite having temporarily lost the use of one arm due to his injury.

[S3E9] Fight Or Flight

The shuttlepod departs the planet and returns to Enterprise. Once on Enterprise, Archer talks to Bethany. She laments that the colony's Humans must appear to be barbaric by Earth's standards, but he reassures her that such progress did not occur overnight and the colony will be able to change before ships come to rescue them. Once Bethany returns to the surface, Enterprise leaves orbit, leaving behind a more enlightened community and some historical materials. Bethany, now openly, begins teaching catch-up history to a classroom of students, Skagarans, Humans, and Sheriff MacReady about Orville and Wilbur Wright's first powered flight, which had taken place forty years after her Human ancestors had left Earth.

When he was at Mercy West fighting for a heart for Denny, he rushed to the hospital to help Denny right away. Then he got shot in the shoulder before entering the hospital. The wound caused damage to the nerves in his arm and caused him to develop a tremor. He took a long time recovering, but he eventually regained use of his arm and hand and he was able to operate again.

Project Baltimore blurred video of the school fight to protect the identity of minors involved. When it broke out a few years ago, the educator tried to stop it, and was pulled to the ground by a student who came up from behind.

The physical wounds were treated, but mental ones emerged. Though the educator had seen fights and intervened in violence plenty of times before, this was different. The student had approached from behind, creating a fear of the unknown that began to creep into everyday life.

Adebule says school violence is getting worse, and it makes sense. She says the Covid shutdowns slowed the emotional development of many children as they isolated at home. Once students returned to school, Adebule says many children lost the ability to handle situations rationally, which has resulted in more fights. At the same time, schools have changed the way they deal with violent students and educators are dealing with the fallout.

Project Baltimore is not identifying the student because he was a minor. But according to online court records, few years after the school fight, he was arrested in Woodlawn and charged with second-degree assault. He spent nearly two weeks in jail. At the time, he was 18 years old.

Ray approaches so Randy feints outrage. He asks Ray to have a long talk with Archer about the sanctity of marriage while he heads for Cheryl, with Janelle's blessing. In the ISIS Mainframe, Krieger rips the innards out of one of the computers and lies to Malory that the "intruders" uploaded a virus. Lana got Krieger to buy-in to the ruse by getting Pam to agree to fight in one of Krieger's bum shock fights.

A loud explosion (caused by a police car hitting one of the land mines in Randy's yard) is followed by Ponder and his men demanding Randy's surrender. A firefight ensues which ends when Ponder learns that Ray believed Randy's lie, that Ponder plans to murder Randy and take the pot farm. Ray confronts Randy and learns the truth, that Ponder intends to act within the law. At ISIS HQ, Pam blabs what really happened with the break-in and that Ray isn't paralyzed.

Culber: Time soldier?Kovich: Consider yourself lucky to have skipped the Temporal Wars. Amongst the many horrible things we discovered when weaponizing time, temporal travel can make you pretty sick. Turns out our molecules are designed to function in the time in which they're created. Culber: But everyone on Discovery traveled through time...Kovich: Yes, but only one of you is also from a parallel universe. Yor here, traveled forward from 2379 and across from an alternate universe created by the temporal incursion of a Romulan mining ship. Before Georgiou, Yor was the only individual known to have traveled across both time and dimensions.Culber: So, you knew this would happen to her?Kovich: Suspected. Every molecule fights to either go back in time or jump a cosmic divide. By the end, Yor was in such pain, the doctors petitioned the Federation for euthanasia. Culber: They couldn't send him his own universe?Kovich: Not without breaking the inter-dimensional displacement restriction, part of the Temporal Accords, which are ironclad. Culber: But Georgiou didn't get sick when she first crossed to the Prime Universe...Kovich: Nine hundred years have passed. The Prime and Mirror universes have been drifting apart the whole time. Yor's experience was a breeze compared to what Georgiou is about to face.

Jack wakes in the morning to a group of Others watching him. A woman approaches, and he recognizes her as Cindy, the flight attendant from Flight 815. He asks her why she is with them. Cindy responds that "It's not that simple," and claims that they are here "to watch." A young girl unknown to Jack, Emma from the tail section, approaches and has Cindy ask Jack how Ana Lucia is doing, which angers Jack, and he yells at Cindy to go. She and the Others leave, including a young boy, Zach, who hands his teddy bear to his sister Emma.

Over a camp fire while it's still light out, Sawyer offers Kate fruit, which she refuses. Karl tells them they shouldn't fight, because they are lucky to be alive. Kate asks Karl about the Others. He reveals that they live on the main island and only work on "projects" on the smaller island. As for the children that were kidnapped, they "give them a better life." Kate asks "better than what?" "Better than yours," Karl tells her pointedly. He predicts that there won't be a moon that night, and says that when he and Alex were younger they used to lie out at night in their backyards and make up their own names for constellations. 041b061a72


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