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The multiplayer mode pits Brainhov and his fast, ravenous zombies against Tycoon and his army of shambling, slow zombies in a one versus one deathmatch. Pick a side and unleash your zombie hordes to destroy the mobile base commanded by your rival scientist. To achieve that, you will be given control of two packs of zombies and a powerful monster unit to gain control over various buildings, level up and ultimately face off in an epic battle!

Zombie Tycoon differs from most zombie games in the fact that the player is able to control and customize three squads of zombies rather than fighting them off. The game is not a tycoon game as the title suggests, with gameplay closer to being a real-time strategy game. Like Dead Head Fred, Zombie Tycoon uses the Vicious Engine.[1]

Zombie Tycoon's plot is told via voice-acted animated cutscenes as well as in-game text and dialogue. A mad scientist named Brainhov and his two subordinates have finished perfecting "formula Z", a formula that brings the dead back to life and transforms living humans into zombies. After unsuccessfully testing the formula on the hunchbacked subordinate Ernest he decides to test it on himself, turning into a zombie. The other (nameless) subordinate decides to utilize the formula to conquer the world by using the former Brainhov's invention.[3]

The player controls three squads of zombies using a flying camera to dispense brains, which the zombies follow. Zombie squads may be equipped with several items to improve their offensive, defensive, or movement capabilities. Hospitals may be destroyed by zombies to increase their numbers, allowing up to 8 zombies for each squad. The game is lost when all zombie squads are eliminated.

Meanwhile, the experience is very much the same on Sony's handheld console. Like many other cross-play titles, its gameplay benefits from the system's portability, but in this case the handheld release is marred by frame-rate issues when the action becomes hectic. We also encountered a number of annoying bugs on both platforms, with some of our zombies becoming invisible or getting lodged in the scenery, rendering them useless. In both cases, these problems may force you to restart the chapter entirely, depending on the scenario.

This epic struggle is fought through simplified but ultimately challenging real time strategy gameplay. Two types of units are mapped to the face buttons on the PlayStation 3 controller or Vita, and can be freely upgraded to a handful of different classes by invading specific building types. A movie theater running a Kurosawa matinee evolves your zombie units into samurai, for instance, while a gym turns them into martial artists. Each class brings about certain pros and cons when it comes to attack power, movement speed, and resilience.

During most of the missions you must send your zombies to take over buildings (by punching them relentlessly) and converting them to your color. Once they have been converted, they will start producing wandering zombies that can all be summoned simultaneously in case your main squads run into trouble.

There are different classes of zombies to use as well: the run-of-the-mill zombie, an engineer zombie, and even a giant green beast with wheels grafted to him that just rolls around consuming anything unlucky enough to get caught in his path. The enemies have their own special units as well, such as a giant werewolf with various weapons lodged into his back, and pygmy-looking zombies that run humorously full force with their arms forward.

With two distinct sides to choose from, players in Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge can join either Orville Tycoon and his zombies or Professor Brainhov and his brain-munchers in the battle for supremacy. With adrenaline-charged multiplayer deathmatches and a single-player campaign that will determine the fate of the last survivors of Finkleville, there's plenty to enjoy in this game. Players who enjoy fast-paced action and strategy games are sur


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