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[S5E10] Kinda Like Necrophilia

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[S5E10] Kinda Like Necrophilia

When things get intimate between Alan and Gabrielle, he finds that she's extremely cold, as she lies on the bed like a corpse, telling Alan to "get it over with." Alan flees and confronts Charlie that night, pointing out that Charlie was just trying to dump Gabrielle. Charlie confesses, saying "I didn't want to hurt her feelings" and points out that it's "kind of like necrophilia, isn't it?" Alan asks, "we're even, right?"Later, Charlie introduces Alan to his latest girlfriend Charity, Alan's "stolen" girlfriend from twenty years ago. As Charlie and Charity head for the bedroom, Charlie remarks that "Now, we're even." Alan then can be heard screaming "I HATE YOU!!!!!" from a distance. 781b155fdc


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