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Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle


How to Create Stunning Designs with Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle

If you are looking for a collection of high-quality fonts that can elevate your design projects to the next level, look no further than the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle. This bundle includes over 200 fonts from 15 different font families, all created by the talented designers at Letterhead Fonts. Whether you need vintage, retro, modern, or classic fonts, you will find them in this bundle. Plus, you will get access to bonus graphics, ornaments, and logos that complement the fonts perfectly.

In this article, we will show you some of the amazing fonts included in the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle, and how you can use them to create stunning designs for your personal or commercial projects. You will also learn how to get this bundle at a huge discount for a limited time only.

What is Letterhead Fonts

Letterhead Fonts is a foundry that specializes in creating handcrafted fonts with a vintage flair. Founded in 1999 by Chuck Davis, Letterhead Fonts has grown to become one of the most respected and popular font providers in the industry. Their fonts are inspired by historical lettering styles such as sign painting, engraving, calligraphy, and typography. They are carefully designed and tested to ensure quality and compatibility with various software and platforms.

Letterhead Fonts has a loyal fan base of designers, artists, and enthusiasts who appreciate their unique and authentic fonts. They also offer excellent customer service and support, as well as tutorials and tips on how to use their fonts effectively.

What is Included in the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle

The Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle is a curated collection of over 200 fonts from 15 different font families. These fonts cover a wide range of styles and genres, such as western, art deco, circus, script, serif, sans serif, and more. You can use them for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, posters, flyers, invitations, labels, packaging, signage, and more.

Here are some of the highlights of the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle:

LHF Elixir: A versatile family of 12 fonts that can be mixed and matched to create elegant and sophisticated designs. The fonts include regular, bold, outline, shadow, inline, and flourish versions.

LHF Encore: A set of 4 fonts that evoke the glamour and style of the art deco era. The fonts include regular, shadow, inline, and lovers versions.

LHF Firehouse: A collection of 8 fonts that are inspired by vintage firehouse signs and badges. The fonts include regular, bold,

outline, shadow, inline versions.

LHF Hensler: A family of 6 fonts that are designed to resemble hand-carved letters. The fonts include regular,





and rough versions.

LHF Monogram Circle: A set of 3 fonts that allow you to create beautiful monograms with circular borders. The fonts include regular,


and inverted versions.

And many more! You can see the full list of fonts included in the bundle here.

How to Use the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle

The Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle is compatible with most graphic design software and platforms,

such as Photoshop,





and more. You can install the fonts on your computer or use them online with web-based tools. You can also access them on your mobile devices with apps that support custom fonts.

To use the Letterhead Fonts Foundry Bundle,

you simply need to select the font you want from your font menu and start typing. You can adjust the size,



and alignment of the text as you wish. You can a474f39169


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