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Best Tiktok Songs Tiktok Viral Hits 2022 Trending Songs 2022 [BEST]

Want to be an expert on the best songs on TikTok? There are a few viral sounds you need to be aware of. Any user who has been active on the app will be aware of these viral tracks, many of which became practically synonymous with the platform.

Best tiktok songs Tiktok viral hits 2022 Trending songs 2022


Whether it was fresh sounds or classic tracks making a comeback, the songs on our For You feeds made us hit repeat again and again. In 2022, popular songs on TikTok came from established, emerging, and breakthrough artists, spanning a range of genres as diverse as our community itself. The TikTok community made 8.9M videos using the top US track "Sunroof" by Nicky Youre & dazy, and we couldn't get enough of "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)", the 1985 hit by Kate Bush that made a comeback to the charts. Here are TikTok's trending tunes this year.

This year, we continued to push the boundaries of authentic self-expression on TikTok through a diverse array of creative and community effects, sounds, filters, and more. We danced to songs we didn't even know were songs, shared embarrassing or personal stories and became a part of Renaissance portraits, which was all part of this year's trends that are uniquely TikTok. Here are those TikTok trends made possible by our features - and your own creativity - in 2022.

TikTok remains the top destination for music discovery for fans of all genres. Creators on the app fell in love with new favorites like Ice Spice, JVKE, Latto and more, pushing their songs off the platform and onto the charts! The incredible momentum driven by fans on TikTok even reached the Grammy Awards, with trending tracks from Muni Long, Steve Lacy, Omar Apollo, and GloRilla receiving Grammy nominations. TikTok's emerging artists for 2022 are a diverse and accomplished group that will make meaningful music for a long time to come.

Together with Warner Classics, TikTok now takes the term "classic" quite literally. The Babelsberg Film Orchestra recorded classically arranged versions of some of TikTok's biggest viral hits for this world-first album. The campaign under the hashtag #TikTokClassics celebrates 18 of the most successful songs and sounds of recent years, while showcasing the cultural diversity of the platform and the limitless possibilities of combining musical cultures and genres.

The new TikTok Classics - memes & viral hits album includes songs that first found great success on TikTok as well as established tracks that through the platform, connected with a brand new generations of fans.

A handful of other rock and metal songs experienced moments in the spotlight thanks to TikTok this year as well, so we rounded some of them up in a gallery to take you on a trip down a 2022 memory lane. Along with some major artists you'll definitely recognize, we tried to highlight some up-and-coming artists from around the world.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms and has become a major source for discovering new music. There is no doubt that many popular songs have been made famous by the platform in 2022.

Some of the best songs of all time share the starting letter P in their names. This includes pop, rock, and rap hits from the 1950s to the present day. The following songs starting with P are influential, timeless, and essential listening for any music fan.

Do you remember the Oh No TikTok song that took the platform by storm? Well, TikTok is one of those content-sharing platforms where you can dig out classics and discover new tracks. In fact, you're likely to find new artists on TikTok than on any other social media platform. So, apart from the Oh No song TikTok, which other soundtracks have the TikTok world dancing and singing? We've already done the dirty work to curate this list of 21 popular TikTok songs in 2022. Update your playlist!

Alors on Danse is one of the most TikTok trending songs in 2022. It's even unbelievable that this song was only released in 2010. Alors on Danse is currently enjoying a resurgence on the video-sharing platform, with TikTokers dancing to its fast tempo. Often, you'll find young lads dancing to this tune using the basic arm-crossing movement.

Honestly, there is no better soundtrack for the Covid-19 pandemic than Bored in the House. Roach posted this music track on TikTok back in March, and it quickly became a self-quarantine anthem. Today, TikTokers use this soundtrack for virtually everything, ranging from dancing and performing wired crafts to dropping eggs and lazing around. Overall, it's one of the most viral TikTok songs 2022.

This pop-rock is an excellent addition to our list of popular TikTok songs 2022. In this breakup song, Olivia Rodrigo talks about the challenges of moving on from a breakup. Little did Olivia know that her song would become an anthem on TikTok. Usually, creators play this song when applying bangs to their hairdos, and it comes off nicely.

Doja Cat is basically the 'queen' of TikTok with several sexy trending hits. This soundtrack features a mid-tempo groove with Doja Cata using her signature disco touch. Interestingly, the track is all over TikTok and is a worthy contender for the best TikTok song 2022.

If you're a fan of the 60s classics, here is something to add to your TikTok songs 2022 list. Released in 1967, this song is currently one of the most viral tracks on TikTok as it appears in thousands of funny challenges.

These are just some of the most loved TikTok trending songs in 2022. Note, however, that most creators use these songs to convey a particular message and amass millions of views. The thing is to choose a piece of music that matches the type of content you want to create. And of course, use the methods above to upload, download, trim, and convert TikTok videos to audio.

The discover page is the best place to start finding trending sounds, hashtags, and challenges. You can see the latest trends and hashtags under the trends section or you can also go to the sounds section and see what songs are currently being used by creators on the platform. 041b061a72

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