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Fsx Activation Crack _BEST_

If i activate my FSX over telephone (i don't have internet at home), i'll get some numbers right ?Lets say after few months, i want to reformat my HDD and re-install my windows, do i have to call them again to receive a new activation numbers or i still can activate the FSX with the numbers that i already received without calling them again ? Thanks

Fsx Activation Crack

"Q4: How many times can I activate the product?A4: There is no limit to the number of times that you can activate the software product on the same computer. For example, you can remove and re-install or re-activate the product any number of times. An additional activation is provided so that you can remove and re-install the product on the same computer or on a different computer. See the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) for more information. The EULA is located in the following folder:Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X"

If you continue to believe in Microsoft... either you are too naive or just new in computers...I unfortunatly made the bad experience... they told me no problem it will work!... now i got, after a disk format, a trial version of a very expensive (for my poket) Microsoft Game I just bought!!!! ? and they tell me I did activate it too much timesSo if you are interested in this sim (as i am) look for a crack or (like me) after pay the game pay long time calling microsoft telling you you got to buy another copy of the game! ?

In this folder i found three file(all is about 2 or 3 mb) that when I copy them in installed dir, A window come YES OR NO(Overwrite) and i select yes.I was try FSX in my desktop and I don't seen window which wanna activation key and my FSX in help menu in free flight been DELUX! ?

Hi again Radarman,ya, I found the crack folder in disk #2.In the game I was press ALT and in Help section in choose about.In there was written Flight Simualtor X DELUXE.Version: 10,.....(I think)But In product no i didn't saw any thing?! ?

Again hi,My first fly after 30 min was shut down.But when I copy these files i didn't get this.Whats your mean that this mabbe solve many problems?(Note: when I cracked in the help menu> about flightsim... in Product ID i did'nt seen anything)

I had to use a crack last night on my PAID FOR copy. I activated a couple of weeks ago right after I got the game and everything worked fine until last night. Then I goto play and it tells me my product is no longer activated or there is a problem with my activation. I then did some research and found something that would allow me to re register by editing my registry. Well, my registry was already correct.. so I found a crack and everything works fine.

Well-said, RadarMan. I agree with you. This activation key thing is actually an inconvenience. Microsoft forgot to take into account that some Flight Simulator enthusiasts are hardcore gamers who upgrade their gaming rigs from time to time. Two installations max and that's it? Contact Microsoft to ask for a new activation key? Hello? And we know Microsoft's tech support sucks bigtime.

That activation key thing may be effective against software piracy - for now, but it won't be for long. These software pirates are also evil geniuses and sooner or later they'll be able to find a solution to deal with this. In fighter pilot lingo, think ECM vs ECCM.

Hey, thanks for the activation hack. I bought my copy of FSX Deluxe, I do not support piracy. However I appreciate your hack because M4 put together a faulty program. I ran into the Error 1722. Now I have the full version of my program again. I have been tweaking and installing this morning and when I tried to install FSUIPC it wouldn't allow me to do it citing that the FSX.exe does not match the one they're looking for. Is there a fix for this yet? Thanks again!

Nice to see so many share the frustration of of keeping your hard earned games working, with such as activation. I like many geeks reformat and add hardware on a regular basis. I am 100% sure that when you send your activation you also send your IP address. How the hell do they know if you installed it once or twice without that feedback? That should be proof enough that its the same freekin computer you installed FSX on the FIRST time!!

This is stupid, I had to crack one because the idiots at Game didnt give me a CD key and would not refund it with the stupid seal thing broken, how are you ment to find out the CDKey without opening the DVD box??

I had FSX standard for xmas, installed on both mine and my brothers Pc, it said nothing at all about the activation code usage, now it has gone and ****ed my system and game itself up, 80 worth of game, my FS04 wont work becuase of a problem with the WAV.03 sound file, upon research i have found that alot of people have had the same problem as me.

Well, I can run FSX without the CD.....and no crack. Well, I also have bought it too. However, before installing the simulator, it verifies that it isn't a jacked copy....that is why before the Sim let you run it, requires that it needs to be activated through the Microsoft website.

So did I, and it worked great for a couple of months after I activated it. But today it suddenly decided that there was a problem with activation. The registry fix in the Microsoft KB didn't work. Luckily I found this hack and now I can play again with my LEGAL copy.

i bought microsoft flight simulator x deluxe edition but unfortunately we had to wipe the laptop because of a virus. When we came to reinstall flight simulator it wouldnt get past a certain file. Then we look and the disk 1 is badly scratched so we cant install from cd. I tried downloading trial verison hopefully after 30 minutes the activation wizard would come up and i could use my product key to activate the trial. When the prompt came up saying thanks for using flight simulator... i clicked ok and flight simulator cloased down but then when i clicked on flight simulator (hoping the activation wizard would come up) and let me play again with the full 30 minutes! so now im stuck. HOW CAN I GET MICROSFT FLIGHT SIMUALATOR WORKING FULLY

what i want to know is what kind of asses were there the day they created this game? were they drunk or what? i mean jesus why in the hell do we need this crapped up activation code. i have a wireless and i tried for weeks on end,but the stupid thing game me error 1722,im on the internet and oooooooooooooo i feel like going down to thier hg and beating thier brains out for wasting 75 dollars ! im so sick and tired of companys thinking they can take advantage of thier precious money making crap when all we get in return is this bull crap! yeah they really did do a shit assed crapped up job on this game. and they wonder why we have to go to illegal extremes just to get our damned games we buy to actually work!! i hereby am boycotting any future flight simulator games and i will shit literally on the one i have and send it to them by regular mail,ooops i already did this morning LOL.


suit yourself it works great!!! just tested i have made a file available for download, if you wanna try it i have also included the sp1 files as they are now on your system just in case, you cant go wrong trust me, i just tried it over and over again, im afraid you won't be seeing a crack for a while, so you might as well try this, or call microcrap(if you have a legit copy that is)

hi i know you have had this email about this subject a million times, but would be very,very greatful if you could help.Ive try activating online with windows and had no joy, so i proceded to download the dll files you stated to hack the activation i have simply changed the orignal files with the hacked dll's.But every time i try and start up fsx it states some program files are missing.Im a huge flightsim fan and have been really disapointed with this new addtion so far, partly because i only get 30 mins!!!!!!!


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