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A campaign includes new Missions to play with a new story following up on the original game. In addition, these DLC's unlock extra Challenges, Quests and Cosmetics. The player can only start a DLC mission session if they own the appropriate DLC.

The second DLC for Vermintide 2 is Back to Ubersreik, released on 10 December 2018. In it, the heroes return to Ubersreik. The DLC contains three remastered missions of Vermintide 1 with a new story. Owners of the DLC unlock an additional Weapon for each Hero once the relevant hero has completed the campaign.

The third DLC for Vermintide 2 is Winds of Magic, released on 13 August 2019. Owners of the DLC unlock another additional weapon for each hero once the relevant hero has completed the campaign.

Premium Careers are careers that can be purchased for real money, and are not unlockable through gameplay. These new careers have been added after launch as new premium content, usually with a free content or balance update.

There's a lot of Far Cry 6 preorder bonuses and DLC, and it's not always clear where they are in the game if you're trying to find or trigger different extras. There's preorder bonus downloadable content for the Season Pass, for the Ultimate Edition, Gold Edition, plus stuff you can buy in Far Cry 6 for for Ubisoft coins and more. But how do you actually unlock all this Far Cry 6 preorder and DLC content? it's not just a case of finding it either. depending how you play and progress the main story it could be a while before you get to play with all the extras, new weapons, gear, amigos, vehicles and more. So, to save you time, we'll cover how to unlock all the Far Cry 6 preorder bonuses and DLCs now.

Effectively you'll get all the extras when the entirety of the Yara map opens up for exploration - until then, you're in an unofficial tutorial. However, once that quest is done, you'll get an alert from the game telling you that you can now use all those extras, and they'll be automatically unlocked and added to your inventory accordingly.

Anna, a unite added in a previous DLC, will unlock a new outfit after equipping the Trickster for the first time. Like with other outfits, it can be equipped through the journal located within your personal quarters. The outfit also provides a brand new character portrait for Anna.

Bought the Season Pass on Xbox, now that it showed up. It installed the Turian DLC 10 mb unlock file on my console, same as all my other purchased DLCs. But in-game, the feats to use it are still locked. Deleting the Turian DLC and going back to the store, it is still listed at $9.99. I go to the Season Pass, hit install again and it downloads the Turan unlock again but still, I cannot use it in game.

How to Unlock Puzzle Knight: Defeat Puzzle Knight and beat the game! This can be done with any character. If you have already done this, Puzzle Knight will unlock automatically in the campsite!

As previously reported, the Firesong DLC (whose prologue quest is now available in the game) is coming to Elder Scrolls Online on November 1st for PC, Mac, and Stadia users and on November 15th for console users. Today's news is that it might be unlocked for free through a community effort during the ongoing Heroes of High Isle event.

According to the rules set by developer Zenimax Online Studios, each player can participate by unlocking the High Isle Pathfinder achievement, which simply requires visiting all of the zone's so-called striking locales (those marked on the map with the icon of an eye). There are six of them, and you can either find them yourself or just scour the Web for information on their whereabouts.

You have to complete the main story quest, The High Keep, to unlock the ability to use mounts. Don't worry if you haven't got up to that yet, your Thestral mount will be there waiting for you when you do.

This DLC, available for purchase on August 6, will instantly unlock all of the in-game rewards which were previously only obtainable with points earned


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