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How to Use ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 for Wide-Format Printing

ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 is a powerful RIP software solution for wide-format printing. It offers a range of features and tools to help you create high-quality prints with consistent color and performance. Whether you are printing banners, posters, decals, signs, or textiles, ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 can handle any print job with ease.

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In this article, we will show you how to use ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 for wide-format printing. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to install and configure ONYX ProductionHouse X 11

  • How to download and import printer drivers and media profiles

  • How to set up and manage print queues and workflows

  • How to use the ONYX Color Engine and ICC profiles for color management

  • How to optimize print quality and speed with advanced settings

  • How to troubleshoot common issues and errors

How to Install and Configure ONYX ProductionHouse X 11

To install ONYX ProductionHouse X 11, you will need a valid license key and a compatible computer system. You can check the system requirements on the ONYX website[^1^]. You will also need a USB dongle to activate the software.

To install ONYX ProductionHouse X 11, follow these steps:

  • Insert the installation CD or DVD into your computer's drive.

  • Run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • When prompted, enter your license key and insert your USB dongle.

  • Select the components you want to install, such as RIP products, workflow products, or additional downloads.

  • Choose the destination folder for the installation and click Next.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and click Finish.

To configure ONYX ProductionHouse X 11, follow these steps:

  • Launch ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 from your desktop or Start menu.

  • Select your printer make and model from the list or click Add Printer to add a new printer.

  • Select your media type from the list or click Add Media to add a new media.

  • Adjust the printer settings, such as resolution, ink limit, calibration, etc.

  • Click Save to save your printer configuration.

How to Download and Import Printer Drivers and Media Profiles

ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 supports hundreds of printer models and media types from various manufacturers. You can download the latest printer drivers and media profiles from the ONYX website[^1^] or use the ONYX Printer Driver and Profile Download Manager software[^1^]. The download manager allows you to select your printer make and model, and then download the corresponding drivers and profiles as a .prninst file.

To import printer drivers and media profiles into ONYX ProductionHouse X 11, follow these steps:

  • Open ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 and go to Configure Printer.

  • Select your printer from the list or click Add Printer to add a new printer.

  • Go to the Media tab and click Import.

  • Browse to the .prninst file you downloaded and select it.

  • Select the media you want to import and click OK.

  • The imported media will appear in your media list. You can edit or delete them as needed.

How to Set Up and Manage Print Queues and Workflows

ONYX ProductionHouse X 11 allows you to create multiple print queues and workflows for different print jobs. A print queue is a collection of print jobs that are processed by a RIP engine. A workflow is a set of actions that are applied to a print job before it is sent to a print queue. You can use workflows to automate tasks such as nesting, tiling, cropping, rotating, scaling, color correction, etc.

To set up a print queue in ONYX ProductionHouse c481cea774


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