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Yasin Moultrie

Tone-Deaf (2019)

Citizen sociolinguistic inquiry provides an alternative to these prescriptions for sensitive language use: More discussion about language and more consideration of different perspectives. We do not need a prefabricated list of words to use and not use, but an increased level of language awareness, and the skills to inquire about words and their uses and meanings across contexts. Situations of tone-deafness arise every day, but they can be curtailed by improving language education, by specifically teaching our children how to tune in to the everyday workings of language in context.

Tone-Deaf (2019)

Being tone deaf, speaking without regard for the other perspectives in a community, can be the result of any overly standardized language education, in which expertise is seen only to be lodged in the voice of the teacher or the text of a grammar book. Even professors with PhDs, working at prestigious universities, might appear tone-deaf until less powerful individuals have the courage to call them out. While a tone-deaf person may have excellent language skills according to one context and set of criteria, they have an underdeveloped ability to assess the context in which they are speaking, and the way others might receive their words. An education that enables such tone-deafness is an undereducation, because it never builds the expertise necessary to engage in the cycle of dynamic language awareness: In many language arts classrooms, students have never been pushed to engage in citizen sociolinguistic inquiry.

Olive Smith (Amanda Crew) is out title character that hasn't been told she is tone-deaf sparing her feelings even in adulthood. After losing her boyfriend and her job, she is talked into taking a weekend in a country home. She rents a home from Harvey (Patrick Roberts) who has issues with millennials to say the least, believing the world would be better if they all drank a gallon of bleach and stop overpopulating the planet. Her mother lives on a commune who Olive worries about her student loans.This is an Indie style comedy with quirky characters that are flawed, but lovable. The slasher aspect is not as graphic as a horror film, but it does have blood.Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity. 041b061a72


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