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UAD - Studer A800 Plugin Explained (Complete walkthrough)

when it comes to analog tape emulation, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. the concept of emulation is that a tape machine can be simulated or emulated in a daw. although certain plug-ins can emulate certain aspects of the analog tape, they are lacking in others. i can almost guarantee that, when you hear a tone that sounds similar to a mechanical tape machine, it has been processed by an emulation plug-in. the tape emulation plugins are like a band-aid to cover the lack of a traditional tape machine, but they are only a band-aid. im not saying that the analog tape is bad, i am saying that it is an after thought. the analog tape, just like the human ear, is a complex system that requires much more attention and detail to achieve the most realistic emulation possible. im not saying that emulation is bad, but i am saying that it is not the solution to creating a faithful tape emulation. im not saying that an analog tape emulation plug-in is bad, but im saying that it is like a band-aid. sure, a band-aid will stop the bleeding for a while, but in the end, the wound will reopen and need to be treated again. its the same with analog tape emulation. as long as you are not looking at the analog tape as its own sound system, but instead as its own type of emulation, you can achieve beautiful results.

studer a800 multichannel tape recorder plugin crack

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the first step is to understand how analog tape works, and what it is doing for you. a novice analog tape emulation plugin will simply record the sound of tape as you record it, and that is not a good idea. instead, what you want is an analog tape emulation plug-in that understands the nuances of recording, and sounds like the real deal. when you record to tape, the recording process is different than when you record to a hard disk. the human ear hears the difference and can tell the difference. its the same with analog tape. you can record to tape, but you cant record to tape and expect the result to sound like the original sound. record to tape, and you can spend a lot of time and effort to get the original sound. record to tape, and you can achieve a very convincing emulation. think of it like this: you have a guitar that is out of tune. you can tune it, or you can get a tuner and tune it, or you can buy an adapter and change the guitar string to the correct pitch. tuning is not the solution for the guitar, its the solution to the problem of the guitar being out of tune. the same is true with analog tape emulation. you can buy an analog tape emulation plug-in, but its not going to be able to replicate the nuances of recording, and you will not achieve the true sound of the original analog tape. its like trying to tune your guitar to be out of tune, when what you really want is a guitar string that will go all the way down to its correct pitch. the solution is to buy a guitar string that will go all the way down to the correct pitch. the same is true for analog tape emulation. you need to understand how the tape machine works, and if its not working the way it should, and its not recording the way it should, then you need to get to the root of the problem. the problem could be in the tape machine itself, or the recording chain. there could be a crack in the tape machine, or a problem with the tape itself, or the microphone, or the recording chain. the problem could be in your recording chain.


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