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Revive Us Again: How Mark Finleys Book Can Inspire a Spiritual Awakening

Revive Us Again By Mark Finley.pdf


If you are longing for a genuine spiritual revival in your life, your church, and your world, you may want to read Revive Us Again by Mark Finley. This book is a practical guide to revival and reformation, based on biblical principles and the experience of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this article, we will review some of the main themes and insights from this book, and how they can help you seek God more earnestly and experience His transforming power.

What is Revival and Why Do We Need It?

Revival is a renewed sense of Gods presence and power in our lives. It is a deepening of our love for Him and His Word. It is a revival of true godliness, which is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs (Selected Messages, bk. 1 p. 121). Without revival, we become lukewarm, worldly, and indifferent to spiritual things. We lose our first love and our zeal for Gods cause. We need revival to restore our relationship with God and to prepare us for His soon coming.

How Can We Experience Revival?

Revival is not something that we can manufacture or manipulate. It is a sovereign work of God in response to our sincere prayers and humble obedience. Revival always begins with one person who is willing to seek God with all their heart and surrender their life to Him. As Mark Finley writes, You can be that one person who is used of God to bring the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your home, your church, and your world (Revive Us Again, p. 7).

Some of the practical steps that Finley suggests for experiencing revival are:

  • Confessing and forsaking our sins

  • Studying Gods Word daily and applying it to our lives

  • Praying fervently and persistently for the Holy Spirit

  • Sharing our faith with others

  • Participating in united prayer and worship with fellow believers

  • Supporting Gods work with our time, talents, and resources

What are the Results of Revival?

When we experience revival, we will see amazing changes in our lives and in our churches. We will have a deeper love for God and for others. We will have a clearer understanding of Gods will and His plans for us. We will have a greater passion for soul-winning and service. We will have a stronger faith and hope in Gods promises. We will have a more joyful and victorious Christian experience.

Revival will also lead to reformation, which is a change in our habits, practices, and lifestyle that are in harmony with Gods Word. Reformation will affect every aspect of our lives: our health, our education, our family, our work, our entertainment, our dress, our diet, etc. Reformation will make us more like Jesus in character and conduct.

How Can We Maintain Revival?

Revival is not a one-time event, but a continuous process. We need to keep seeking God daily and follow His guidance. We need to keep growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We need to keep witnessing to others about His love and power. We need to keep cooperating with the Holy Spirit in His work of sanctification. We need to keep looking forward to the soon return of Jesus Christ.


If you want to learn more about revival and how to experience it in your life, we recommend you read Revive Us Again by Mark Finley. This book will inspire you to seek God more earnestly and experience His transforming power. You can order this book from or download it for free from

May the prayer of your heart be, Lord, revive us again. c481cea774


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