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Abkari Act Kerala Pdf Download

Abkari Act Kerala PDF Download

The Abkari Act is a law that regulates the manufacture, sale, possession, transport and consumption of liquor and intoxicating drugs in the state of Kerala. The word 'abkari' means revenue derived from liquor or drugs. The Abkari Act was originally enacted by the Cochin state in 1077 M.E. (1901-02 A.D.) and later extended to the whole of Kerala in 1967. The Abkari Act has been amended several times to incorporate changes in the policy and administration of liquor and drugs in Kerala.

If you are interested in learning more about the Abkari Act, you can download the PDF versions of the following documents from the web:

Download Zip:

  • The Abkari Act, 1 of 1077: This is the original act that contains the provisions for the regulation of liquor and drugs in Kerala. It defines the terms and offences related to abkari, prescribes the duties and taxes on liquor and drugs, specifies the forms and conditions of licenses and permits, grants powers to abkari and police officers for enforcement, and lays down the penalties and procedures for abkari offences. You can download the PDF file of this act from [here].

  • The Abkari Workers' Welfare Fund Act, 1989: This is an act that provides for the constitution of a fund to grant relief to, to promote the welfare of and to pay pension to the abkari workers in Kerala. Abkari workers are those who are employed in any distillery, brewery, warehouse, toddy shop or any other place where liquor or intoxicating drugs are manufactured, stored or sold. The act defines the terms and eligibility criteria for abkari workers, establishes a board for administering the fund, levies a cess on liquor and drugs for contributing to the fund, and specifies the benefits and schemes for abkari workers. You can download the PDF file of this act from [here].

  • Offence and Punishment under Abkari Act, I of 1077: This is a document that summarizes the offences and punishments under the Abkari Act. It lists the common offences such as transport, possession, consumption, sale, tapping and drawing of liquor and drugs, as well as other offences such as unlawful advertisement, exhibition without warning, consumption of preparations containing liquor or drugs, etc. It also mentions the sections of law, punishment sections, compounding fees and bailability status for each offence. You can download the PDF file of this document from [here].

We hope you find this article helpful and informative. Please note that this article is only for educational purposes and does not constitute any legal advice. For any queries or clarifications regarding the Abkari Act or any related matters, please consult a qualified lawyer or an authorized abkari officer.


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