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As someone who manages HubSpot's learning technology, I've gone about buying software the wrong way at times. I've pushed ahead without the right technical partners, I've missed a contract auto-renewal deadline, and I've rolled out changes to my team without empathy for how it might affect their day-to-day.

Another important business factor to consider when getting buy-in is the cost-to-value ratio. Adding more software means another vendor to manage, another contract to consider, and another system for your coworkers and teammates to adopt.

Getting buy-in should happen far in advance of when you plan to buy the software. This process takes time. You need to talk to people outside of your department and often outside your company to ensure you understand the landscape of what's already happening, what's possible, and what it's going to take to execute a new software.

You might be the most experienced software buyer in the world, but you can't do everything alone. In my experience, the best help you can get for buying and implementing software is the team whose very expertise is software: your IT team.

Loop them in early in your process, see what they're already doing to solve the challenge you've identified, and ask at least one champion for feedback. Depending on your company, you may also need to loop in Security, Legal, and Finance so they can add their expertise and highlight any blind spots you might have.

Change is hard for everyone. Even those who are most excited about using new software can get overwhelmed by the prospect of changing up what they're used to. It's important to be transparent and empathetic with your project team, coworkers, and the broader organization.

Vendr, a Boston-based startup that aims to help companies buy, manage and renew software more quickly and at a lower cost, has reached unicorn status. On Thursday, Vendr announced that it was valued at $1 billion after raising $150 million in a Series B venture round amid a tough market for new venture funding.

Once you answer these questions, you can reverse-engineer your answers to pinpoint your software needs. This step also helps you make the case for a larger SaaS budget because it helps prove how this software impacts the company as a whole.

One mistake people often make when purchasing software is confusing software price with software value. Obviously, the price of software is a huge factor when purchasing software. But the value that software brings to your company is often overlooked.

If you can change your thinking around what makes a certain tool or app good for your company, you can truly understand your business needs. Not everything can be driven by money. Sometimes you need to spend a chunk of change to push your business forward. Consider this when beginning your software purchasing journey.

We make IT investments go further, helping our clients transform operations using technology and purchase and optimise their software and cloud subscriptions for the new reality. In 2021, SoftwareOne customers realised more than $1.95 billion in software savings. With teams working in 90 markets, our local knowledge and worldwide supplier relationships provide unmatched assistance so customers can navigate and save in the fast-changing digital supply chain.

Free and open source software (FOSS) is at the root of a very big lie. FOSS itself isn't a lie. FOSS is real and it matters. The problem is that the most significant attribute of FOSS is a negative. It's all about what it is not. It's quite hard to explain things in terms of what they are not. People aren't used to it, and it can cause more confusion than it clears up.

Anyone who chooses to use free and open source software on their desktop regularly gets asked why. Why bother Isn't it more work Isn't the pro-grade gear commercial Isn't it worth buying the good stuff Windows is the industry standard, isn't it simply less work to go with the flow

Well, no. The software industry reboots m


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