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Durood E Tanjeena Pdf Free ((TOP)) Download

Durood E Tanjeena Pdf Free Download >>>

Durood E Tanjeena Pdf Free ((TOP)) Download

Durood E Tanjeena PDF: Benefits, Wazifa and Read Online

If you are looking for a powerful prayer that can bring blessings, protection and relief from difficulties, you should read the Durood E Tanjeena. This is a special prayer that praises Allah and invokes His mercy and forgiveness. In this article, we will explain what is Durood E Tanjeena, what are its benefits, how to perform its wazifa and where to download or read it online.

What is Durood E Tanjeena

Durood E Tanjeena is a short prayer that consists of 41 words. It is also known as Darood Tanjeena or Darood Tunjina. The word "tanjeena" means "salvation" or "deliverance" in Arabic. The prayer is attributed to Sheikh Moosa Zareer (ra), a pious man who recited it 300 times when his ship was caught in a storm and saved it from sinking[^3^]. The prayer is also based on a hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) that whoever recites Durood 80 times after Asr prayer on Friday, his sins of 80 years will be forgiven[^4^].

What are the benefits of Durood E Tanjeena

Durood E Tanjeena has many benefits for those who recite it with faith and sincerity. Some of these benefits are:

It brings blessings and mercy from Allah.

It protects from harm and evil.

It removes difficulties and hardships.

It grants success and prosperity.

It increases love and respect.

It cures diseases and illnesses.

It fulfills wishes and desires.

It purifies the heart and soul.

How to perform Durood E Tanjeena wazifa

Durood E Tanjeena wazifa is a simple but effective way to improve your life and increase your blessings from Allah. You can perform this wazifa by following these steps:

Make ablution (wudu) and sit in a clean place.

Recite Durood E Ibrahim (the Durood that is recited in Salah) 11 times.

Recite Durood E Tanjeena 100 times with full concentration.

Recite Durood E Ibrahim 11 times again.

Make dua to Allah for your needs and wishes.

You can perform this wazifa at any time of the day, but it is preferable to do it after Fajr or Maghrib prayer. You can also do it on Friday for more rewards. You should do this wazifa for at least 40 days or until your wish is granted.

Where to download or read Durood E Tanjeena PDF online

If you want to download or read Durood E Tanjeena PDF online, you can visit the following websites:

Quran Work: This website provides both PDF and online versions of Durood E Tanjeena with English translation. It also explains the meaning, benefits and wazifa of the prayer[^1^].

Ilm Ki Dunya: This website provides a PDF version of Durood E Tanjeena with Urdu translation. It also gives a brief introduction to the prayer[^2^].

Archive: This website provides an audio version of Durood E Tanjeena with Arabic text. You can listen to it online or download it as an MP3 file[^3^].

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