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The survivor's family had called Sushil Chandorkar (36), a resident of Pratikshanagar in Sion, for some electrical work in the house and had then left for shopping, leaving the minor girl behind, a Wadala TT police station official said.

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"He started chatting with the girl and proceeded to show her pornographic clips on his mobile phone. When the family returned, they found the child crying. She told them about the incident after which the family caught hold of the accused, beat him up and handed him over to the police," he said.

The girl was sodomized, raped and forced to perform oral sex by Willingham at his Camp Washington home, prosecutors say. Some of the acts were video recorded. The encounters happened between February and June 2014.

Since the original report, it turns out that this was not an isolated incident. The same group of young men repeated this assault on the same girl several times, and some have been found to have done the same to other young girls as well. The juvenile assailants have all managed plea deals of seven years suspended terms, and only two of the adults have pleaded guilty, despite DNA evidence, cellphone videos that the participants shared with friends, and confessions .

Okwui Okpokwasili is a performer, choreographer, and writer creating multidisciplinary performance pieces that draw viewers into the interior lives of women of color, particularly those of African and African American women, whose stories have long been overlooked and rendered invisible. The child of immigrants from Nigeria, Okpokwasili was born and raised in the Bronx, and the histories of these places and the girls and women who inhabit them feature prominently in much of her work. Her productions are highly experimental in form, bringing together elements of dance, theater, and the visual arts (with spare and distinctive sets designed by her husband and collaborator, Peter Born).

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