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Grundig Radio Code Calculator Free 21l

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Grundig Radio Code Calculator Free 21l

On that online platform, you need to select your model car radio device. Then you need to fill in two numbers in the empty spots. You must fill in the serial number on your locked stereo and the year of production. Please be aware that you must fill in the correct numbers if you want your correct unlock Grundig radio code!

Hi Ladies and Germs.....I have generated the 8 didget radio code off my CH341A chip using the reader and far so good. The next trick is to some how get the code breaker program to get the actual radio safe code from the 8 diget number off the chip. I have tried for days to find a working program....I have spent more time into the days range searching for this program and a buddy has just given up after a 3 1/2 hours stint trying to help me.So, if anyone has this code breaker program or can direct me to an actual operational program or where i can get it, it'll be greatly say the least! I have an old laptop all geared up and ready to receive the extra bugs and viruses etc etc that comes with the program so no worries there. I am so close to getting another problem solved regarding the winter this rate it'll be ready for

No, I have been dealing with my injectors bleed back testing, then the wife had a serious issue with her car.....she couldn't get the door locks to work correctly....nearly had a So I have been pulled away from the radio as it's not even in the dash yet....the codes won't go bad will they So as long as I have them I can get things organized as I'm told, she comes first so she says! She goes go out to work every day so maybe she's right.. Her door locks don't open when she turns the vehicle off or just the driver's door and not the passenger's and the passenger starts fighting to get with the wife trying to unlock the car from her side switch and her mother going insane trying to get out's driven the wife also insane by the way she described her I'll get to my car again tomorrow....sorry to keep you waiting and thanks for the codes by the way! 153554b96e


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