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Sackboy: A Big Adventure

It's up to Sackboy to set off on a whirlwind adventure across the snowiest mountains, the leafiest jungles, the wettest underwater realms, and the spaciest of space colonies to collect Dreamer Orbs. These mystical spheres of creative energy are the secret to stopping Vex's plans and saving Craftworld.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an easy recommendation to fans of the platforming genre or anyone looking for a co-op game to play on their new PS5 console. While it would be nice to see a proper LittleBigPlanet 4 come to Sony's next-generation system, hopefully, fans can look forward to future Sackboy platforming adventures as well.

By playing on PC with a GeForce RTX graphics card, you can enhance your adventures across Craftworld with NVIDIA DLSS 2, also known as DLSS Super Resolution. Sackboy: A Big Adventure features ray-traced reflections, ray-traced shadows, and ray-traced ambient occlusion effects, testing the mettle of systems. At 4K, with max settings and every ray-traced option enabled, DLSS Super Resolution accelerates frame rates by up to 2.5X.

There's a lot to find in each world, which is really where the challenge lies. Unless you are actively looking in every corner for secret areas of levels, you'll finish the game with plenty still to discover, and likely plenty of brilliant outfits to unlock. As is tradition in LBP games, some of these costumes come in parts, found in orbs you'll find on your adventure, but others can be bought for bells via Zom Zom's outfit store. A lot of these outfits look incredible (I'm a big fan of the caterpillar costume that sees Sackboy trail part of the body behind him), and are well worth the extra time to unlock.

Sony has always ensured that each console launch is accompanied by an engaging platformer, and this one is no different. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a delightful adventure that pulls you into a crafted world awash with surprises, putting the DualSense controller and 3D Audio to creative use on the new console.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a huge title for both PlayStation 4 and, more importantly, PS5. It's a first look at how games developed to work on both last-gen and current-gen will be adapted to that challenge, and in this, Sackboy: A Big Adventure appears to shine - although we only got to try it on PS4 for this review. This 10-12 hour adventure's humor, quirky personality, and entertaining gameplay offer tons for those looking for a fun family experience this holiday season. While it's harder than ever to bring people together, this is an experience that should be shared, so waiting for the online patch to release would be the right move.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 3D platform video game developed by Sumo Digital and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2022. Discover the new adventures of your favorite LittleBigPlanet character! Want to play solo? Or maybe with friends? In this game, you will fulfill your glorious dreams of dynamic gameplay in the most beautiful world! It's an excellent choice if you like dynamic platformers set in truly breathtaking graphics.

As well as completing the main story solo, you can play through the titular adventure with up to three other people locally or online. Developer Sumo Digital has also added 10 multiplayer levels. You'll have to work together to reach the goal in those stages. 041b061a72


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