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Imagine A World Rob Gonsalves

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Imagine A World Rob Gonsalves

The publisher states on the inside cover of the book, that Rob Gonsalves "stretches the limits of visual exploration with his breathtaking paintings and encourages parents and children alike to look beyond the limits of the everyday world and imagine."

Although the connections to symbolism in the book may seem to be too complex for children to unravel, it is the purpose of imagination that Gonsalves and Thomson are stressing. The significant outcome to be acknowledged is how imagination has no limits, and how it makes the child feel while being taken to another world in their mind.

Rob left this Earth June 14, 2017. An accomplished Canadian artist and musician, Rob was 57 and at his creative peak as he continued to create art that was loved worldwide. His family, friends and the people he touched through his art will keep him in their hearts, and keep his light alive.

Rob found magic in reality. He saw the world imaginatively as a romantic with deep appreciation for simple things; He saw beauty in shadows and light. Shadows presented an opportunity to play with what is behind darkness, and light illuminated obvious overseen pleasures.

Rob went to college to be an architect. During his time in school he also continued to study and dabble in art on his own. His process for creating was the same in both disciplines. He began his process on trace paper to assure the illusion worked in the way he imagined it. By the time he began to paint, he had already put in months of work into the design. Painting came naturally to Rob, so once the design was done he could relax and let his paintbrush do the rest. Rob only produced three or four originals per year.

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Imagine a day when your swing swings you higher than the highest treetops. Imagine a day when you can ride your bike up a path of falling leaves into the very tree they are falling from. Imagine a day when you release a handful of blue balloons into a cloudy, gray sky to create a postcard-perfect day. Imagine a day when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary...a day when anything is possible. Imagine a Day is the companion book to the critically acclaimed Imagine a Night, which School Library Journal declared "a fascinating foray into the imagination." Renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves once again stretches the limits of visual exploration with his breathtaking paintings and encourages parents and children alike to look beyond the limits of the everyday world and imagine.

His works represent the everyday world in an unusual point of view. Gonsalves uses common objects in uncanny ways. It is rather unlikely for them to happen, but not impossible. So, he adds a sense of magic in realistic scenes, which makes the viewer wonder whether what he sees is an illusion or a true representation.

Most of Binary Systems stayed together long enough to craft a fairly workmanlike sequel, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula, released in 1989 for MS-DOS just as the first ports of the original game were reaching those other platforms. It was playable enough, but somehow lacked some of the magic of the original. Most then drifted away from the games industry, with only Greg Johnson continuing to work intermittently as a designer, most notably of the Toejam & Earl games for the Sega Genesis. Starflight had been such an all-consuming, exhausting labor of love that perhaps it was hard for the others to imagine starting all over again on another, inevitably less special project. Making Starflight had been the sort of experience that can come only once in a lifetime; anything else they did in games afterward would have


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