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Teen Titans Naked

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They last recall that one Halloween where they dressed up in childish costumes such as a witch and a clown, and got rejected. Then Cyborg comes in with a box filled with cheap plastic costumes of scary monsters. As a result, they become greatly depressed, since they dread of ending up trick or treating without a costume. To avoid themselves going naked, Raven then had an idea, which is to cast a spell to turn all of themselves into real monsters.

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Mad Mod made an appearance in the DC Kids and Cartoon Network comic Teen Titans Go!. In issue 8, Mad Mod used his fashion designer mentality (which was absent in the animated series) to hypnotize the citizens of Jump City, Beast Boy and Starfire. He deployed robots to attack the banks so as to attract citizens of Jump City when he (disguised as D.D. Ammo, fashion designer) persuade Starfire and Beast Boy to be spokesmodels for his retro clothing. As the citizens of Jump City followed suit, it was revealed that the clothes contained hypnotizing effect. They attacked Raven, Robin and Cyborg but ultimately their clothes were destroyed by Cyborg's special sonic vibration, leaving everyone else naked.

Which one of the titans is going to lose her clothes. Who will end up naked? Starfire? Raven? Maybe Terra? Maybe another titan or an honorary titan? Or maybe even one of their enemies such as Blackfire or Jinx? How does it happen? Where does it Happen?

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