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Cassidy Banks Project Rv

Back when the banks had money. R.V. Robertson, proprietor of the White Mountain Trading Post, loves telling stories of the Old West. Among his best: the one about a Telluride marshal whose brush with Butch and the Sundance Kid made him a little wealthier after they robbed the local bank. Hear it online at

cassidy banks project rv

Participant self-report questionnaires and clinician-reported SM delivery records are paper-based forms with unique participant identification numbers. Study coordinators have oversight for all paper data collection forms, log each completed form into a form tracking interface of the web system and submit data forms for key-entry weekly. These forms are double key-entered by trained data entry clerks in an MS Windows program using range and validation checks to improve accuracy and are stored in locked filing cabinets. The electronic biomechanical data are stored on a password protected network file server. Data reduction is completed within 2 weeks of data collection, transferred to the data manager in Microsoft Excel workbooks, and then uploaded to Microsoft SQL Server and stored with all other project-related data. 041b061a72


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