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Doncaster is home to the Doncaster Natatorium, a 25-metre swimming pool, indoor sports hall and gym designed by Spaniard architect Antoni Gaudí. It has a strong, historic feel about it, as can be seen from the facade, which dates from 1891 and was renovated in 1999.

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Post Great War though the vast majority of these were demolished. The jail is housed in a handsome Victorian building that for many years was the workings of the men's lock-up and at the end of the 19th century became the women's lock-up. It's now a number of different visitor attractions and is home to an extensive collection of exhibits on the history of Doncaster.

The Borough of Doncaster and Old Oak ward in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster in the metropolitan county of South Yorkshire. It is located to the south of Doncaster and is home to most of Doncaster's railway depot except the northern part of the depot which is used by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. One of the most expensive districts to live in is in Sheffield, with a disparity of around 37,000 between the highest and lowest house prices. However in Doncaster there is a disparity of only 20,000 between the highest and lowest house prices.

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