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Amaryllises are also known by their botanical name: Hippeastrum. In ancient Greek, \u2018amaryllis\u2019 is amarusso which means \u2018I sparkle\u2019. And it really is fascinating to watch the transformation from bulb to flower. The radiant flowers emerge as if by magic from a big straight stem. Their majestic flower bulbs develop into equally impressive flowers. What\u2019s more, there are more than 150 varieties.\r\nHow to plant Amaryllis Bulbs?\r\nPlant your amaryllis in potting mix with the top third of the bulb sticking up out of the soil. Place the pot near a bright window, where it can receive a lot of sunlight. When the bulb sprouts, begin watering regularly around the bulb. After sprouting, turn the pot regularly, because stalks will grow toward the sunlight.\r\nFlowering Period\r\nAmaryllis Bulbs flower within 7\u201310 weeks after planting. In winter, the flowering time will be longer than in spring. Set up your planting schedule between October and April with this in mind.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/s\/i\/single_amaryllis_mix.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":11.97,"url":"https:\/\/\/amaryllis-hippeastrum-single-mix\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","aggregateRating":"ratingValue":5,"reviewCount":"2","bestRating":5,"worstRating":0,"@type":"AggregateRating","productID":"1100266","color":"Multicolor","brand":"Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Single Mix","sku":"1100266"},"@type":"Product","name":"Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Mix","description":"Amaryllis Mixed Terry is the perfect gift for family and friends.\r\nAppearanceThree different varieties of amaryllis with abundant flowers. Flowers 15 to 20 cm in diameter are held on sturdy flower stalks. The stems vary in height from 40 to 60 cm.\r\nFlower diameter: 15 to 20 cm\r\nHeight of the flower stalk: 40-60 cm\r\nThe flowering wave can be spread out by planting the bulbs at short intervals.\r\nIt looks very good when cut.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/d\/o\/double_amaryllis_mix.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":14.37,"url":"https:\/\/\/amaryllis-hippeastrum-double-mix\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1100218","color":"Multicolor","brand":"Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Double Mix","sku":"1100218","@type":"Product","name":"Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Fantasy","description":"Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Fantasy (Amaryllis Fantasy)\r\nA magnificent, gorgeously flowering, perennial bulbous plant. its homeland is Africa. The leaves of this flower are linear-lobed. The flowers are very large with a wonderful aroma, they sit on rather tall, thickened flower arrows. When the flowers are fully open, the petals bend beautifully and the shape of the flower changes.\r\nLarge bulbs can produce from one to three flower arrows. Each of these arrows has 2 to 6 light lemon coloured flowers. The throat is light green in colour. The diameter of the flower is about 8 cm. The petals are beautiful, regular in shape, not too wide, oval, pointed towards the tips. The stamen filaments and pistil are light. The pollen is light yellow.\r\nThe peduncle is 45 to 50 cm high. On average, it takes about two months from planting this flower to flowering. This plant is ideal for cutting. Amaryllis leaves usually appear simultaneously with the peduncle.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/a\/m\/amaryllis-fantasy.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":5.97,"url":"https:\/\/\/product-amaryllis-hippeastrum-fantasy\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1100336","color":"Green


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