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Burial - Untrue (2007).zip

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the album's first track, the fire helicopter, features burial as punchy as ever, but with a nervous energy usually absent from his music. dense bass rattles the chest; bright synths swoosh in and out of the fray. the songs are all hypnotic; as the beat bobs on the surface, burial's voice soars, then dips and eases back up, and his words, as ever, are opaque but gripping.

ghost hardware is a third down in volume: a more intense burial, faster, chillier, more abrasive in places. on the track, outgrown-looking samplers touch tinny strings, creating a lilt. but it's not all bliss-out dub: burial's voice cuts through the hollow murmurs of the machine, and odd, jagged synth notes thud in the background.

shell of light ebbs and flows like a realtor pitching a house. its metronomic beat is, once again, a perfect fit for the mood burial's conjuring. it's so well-executed, in fact, that it sometimes sounds like a soundtrack. but though the track strikes a balance between burial and dancehall, it's disappointing that the vocals are so thin; its almost impossible to believe that we're listening to a barbershop quartet. the album's lopsided star power does, however, make for one of the best dance tracks of the year.

heresy is the end, almost. while burial's entire career, in the words of one critic, has been a joke, "heresie" is a musical joke with serious punchlines. burial's production still sounds like the remains of something abandoned, presumably by a four-year-old who got bored. but unlike burial's first album, this is disquietingly brilliant. the bass still glows, but the crash of metal is now fairly evident, and the vocals make burial seem like a lifelong chatterbox-- the sort who has far too much to say about, well, nothing. 3d9ccd7d82


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