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Lumina Symphobia 3 Torrentl

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playing modes: besides the standard mode, where you play the instrument in the way you would normally play a keyboard, this edition of lumina also offers the option to play the instruments as if they were a string section, a brass section, percussion section etc. this is done by simply mapping a keyboard to a given instrument. for example, you can map the keyboard keys to an orchestral string section, and in this way have the notes mapped to the natural notes for a string instrument.

a wide selection of instruments: lumina offers a wide variety of instruments. for example, the clarinet has a very wide dynamic range and can therefore emulate flutes and oboes from the most delicate whisper to a mighty battle cry. the piano is also included, as is the mellotron, which is known for its bright and clear sound. the organ has a very warm, dreamy sound and is especially great for writing strings and other percussive sounds.

here. with the latest issue of the lumina symphobia series, project sam is back in force. hitherto unknown to most of the film and tv composer community, project sam has been at the forefront of cinematic sampling for some years now. even back in 2005, their first product - vienna symphonic library - was a musical rarity, something that could not be found anywhere else. there was no budget on project sams part - no huge marketing spend, no gimmicks and no hype - just two guys in a studio, writing music for film and tv, and now they have brought together a phenomenal sample library for you to enjoy, with the most recent release being lumina, which weighs in at 38gb of sample data! 3d9ccd7d82


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