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Lyrics Music Separator Software Free Download

Lyrics Music Separator Software Free Download

Do you love singing along to your favorite songs, but wish you could remove the vocals and just hear the music? Or maybe you want to isolate the vocals and create your own remixes or mashups? If so, you might be interested in lyrics music separator software, which can help you separate vocals and music from any song, in seconds!


Lyrics music separator software is a type of audio editing software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the audio signal and split it into different tracks, such as vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc. This way, you can easily mute, solo, or adjust the volume of each track, and create your own versions of any song.

There are many lyrics music separator software available online, but not all of them are free or easy to use. Some of them require you to download and install software on your computer or phone, which can take up space and slow down your device. Others may charge you a fee or limit the number of songs you can process. And some may not produce high-quality results or support a wide range of audio formats.

That's why we have compiled a list of the best lyrics music separator software that are free to use, no installation required, and offer fast and accurate results. Here are our top picks:

  • is a free service where you can easily separate vocals and music from any song or audio file, allowing you to create a karaoke version of any song. You just need to drag and drop an audio file on their website, and it will process it in less than 2 minutes. You can then download the separated files as MP3 or WAV. supports audio files up to 10 MB and 10 minutes long, in MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, WMA, or FLAC formats. You can also listen to an example of their separation quality on their website.

  • BandLab Splitter: BandLab Splitter is a free tool that splits any song into four high-quality stems: vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments. You can try it out on their website by importing a song of your choice or choosing from their library of songs. You can then solo any track for better focus, change the key to suit your range, or alter the playback speed to practice at your own pace. You can also export your stems and continue your creative journey with BandLab's online music studio. BandLab Splitter is also available on their mobile app, where you can access more features and practice on the go.

  • WavePad Audio Splitter: WavePad Audio Splitter is a free audio editing software that allows you to split audio files into smaller segments or separate tracks. You can download and install it on your PC or Mac, and use it to edit any audio file in MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG, MID, FLAC, AMR, AAC, AU, AIF, RAW, DVF, VOX formats. You can also use it to apply effects, filters, noise reduction, pitch shifting, and more. WavePad Audio Splitter is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

These are some of the best lyrics music separator software that you can use for free and without installing anything on your device. They can help you separate vocals and music from any song in seconds and create your own versions of any song. Whether you want to practice singing or playing an instrument, remix or mashup songs, or just have fun with music, these tools can help you achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Try them out today and unleash your musical creativity!


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