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Albert Corokin
Albert Corokin

I work for a small event planning firm and we recently ran into an issue with an outdated website. Time passed, market demands grew, and our web resources could not keep up with them. The solution was found after we learned about Craft CMS case study and their web development solutions. Our requirements were quite specific: we needed not just a website, but a functional platform that could provide ease of content management and high speed. It was Craft CMS that met all our criteria: responsive admin interface, extensibility, and security. Work on the new site began with a rewrite of the content architecture and design. Craft CMS allowed us to create a structure that reflects the unique needs of our business. We were able to integrate various modules and extensions to improve functionality and user experience. Convenience in working with multimedia content was especially important for us, since our events are often accompanied by photo and video reports. Craft CMS provided us with intuitive tools to manage this content, making our work much easier.


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