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Before any hot water is used in a home in any capacity, the primary cold water supply should be adjusted to known working temperature plus 50 degrees F. This is done by adjusting the temperature setting on the water heater. This practice is important because a faulty thermostat may affect the hot water temperature in the home. New homes and those that have recently have been inspected and approved for occupancy are more likely to have direct hot water heat. If direct hot water heat is in use, the temperature of the hot water should be allowed to increase for up to 4 degrees before turning the hot water off and the cold water on.

By being persistent, carefully organized and having a friend who is good at directions, customers can be directed to the correct codes. When the customer comes out of the house, a simple handshake, or a hug, will usually do.

Preconditioning gives good architectural control by controlling the insulation efficiency of thermal bridges. Preconditioning allows the use of any type of home wherever the home inspector's direction or insurance company's approval is given, so long as they are of standard construction and are in good condition. Preconditioning must be an integral feature of the home. It must be constructed following the latest code, permit and inspections; the home must be tested before being submitted to the local building inspector; must be professionally installed by a qualified contractor; and must be completed not later than the date specified in the architectural permits. If the correct insulation is used, there is no need to add additional, non-standard features such as ducting and/or mechanical systems in the attic space. The building insurance company should be consulted on the cost of installing such installations. Heat dissipates by conduction, convection and radiation; occur on all surfaces. A poor quality insulation can cause a home to overheat; adequate quality insulation can improve its comfort, save money, and reduce the need for a furnace or air conditioner. Circulation of air is the most time efficient method of decreasing temperatures inside a home. A more open floor plan with many windows and doors will improve natural light and ventilation of a home. A home that is well insulated also requires less fuel space. d2c66b5586


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